Thursday, August 2, 2007

Misc. Ramblings about GH and Night Shift

Good Day to you all.. Soo I've been watching GH and Nightshift and haven't had a chance to blog about it (them) in over a month but since I decided to up and quit my job, I'm pretty much available now!!! Let's get to it..

Sam and Jason have finally broken up! YEAHHHH...Uproarious celebration..I had to fast forward through the long drawn out event however and found no satisfaction in the breakup. It was horrifying listening to Sam justify all the horrific things that she had done, and no Jason is no angel, and has some fault in this mess, but Sam's mental makeup leaves me feeling disgusted. I must compare her to other notorious beloved bad girls, Maxie for example, has a slim concept that her manipulations and schemes are bad choices on her behalf and she is at least aware of her own failings. Carly who I love to hate, admits wholeheartedly to just being a selfish shrew and wanting everything her way. Even that I can stomach, and laugh at and mainly shake my head in mild annoyed amusement but Sam who blames everyone else for her behavior and choices, is just ...I've run through a gambit of desciptie adjectives with this wench and all I can say is she's use the same overused terms: sickeningly sad... I want her written off the show already...But now she's on a revenge rampage and perhaps she will be more entertaining and her Cassadine roots can be explored thereby removing her completely from the Sonny/Jason cycle.

Speaking of which, I unashamedly and wholeheartedly admit to loving Jason and all the fineness that is Steve Burton.. But even I must say, come on already to Night Shift. Why give him another show? What is the point exactly of making Night Shift which was supposed to be about the hospital and the doctors just about Jason? Are you afraid that if you extracted Jason from Sonny's butt in the daytime show and gave him his own life and a different profession (janitor??? ha ha ha!) that the Corinthos clan will collapse. Please, it has already. Move on... Geesh..That's just ridiculous... Jason and Sonny must end, they must... Let them depart as friends but that regime has run its course PTB, let it go already... Remove Jason from the parallel universe (yeah right with the same dern storylines!) of Night Shift and keep the baby daddy crap on daytime and just write a better daytime show instead of pulling Jason's same, sad, sorry existing stories into another show... How ridiculous..

And since we are on the subject of desposing the mob mess, lets talk about taking Sonny in a different direction with Kate. She is great and I enjoy him in storylines with her... They are a good watchable couple. I was not mad (disappointed though) that they rushed them into bed already, which could have been suspended for a very long time drawing us further into their relationship development, but the manner in which they had Kate to withdraw again has salvaged it (somewhat). ONLY because they are keeping Kate as a strong independent character who is not subject to Sonny's (non-existent) charms and his panty dropping dimples (eyes rolling out of my head) does their story remain interesting. So far so good but as you know they are destined to ruin it, because the writers don't seem to care to tell a good story for daytime, they want to sling junk at us and say enjoy it...oops I digress.

See, that's why I stopped blogging, I was tired of listening to myself complain.

Lulu and Logan, more junk being slung at us. There is absolutely no reason that she should be running to him, to patch him up, to talk about the Q's, to do anything. He is a hot head and has no redeemable qualities. Lulu who is a smart girl (normally) should not be drawn to him. And the overt "bad boy" technique falls flat. Maxie and Logan have more chemistry. Speaking of Maxie she rocks, talk about being redeemed. She has chemistry with ALL the young men on the show and the tables should be reversed. Though I love Lulu, the writers should go with their strengths and have all the young men chase after Maxie, have Lulu be jealous of her for once. And give Georgie a love interest already. Why does Lulu have to have 4, 5 guys chasing her down, enough already. Why must the writers do overkill on certain characters. Are they just lazy?

Carly... please, oh, please Jax come back, because she is absolutely sickening and has nothing to do when you're gone. I like Sebastian Roche (Jerry Jax/Craig James/Number 1) and I don't hate his character, but they have again crumbled up garbage, thrown it at us and told us to enjoy it. That whole water conservation scene with Carly and Jax spraying Alexis with the water hose. Huh? The murderous, hostage taking, kidapping, psychotic manipulator CARES about water conservation, because though he blows up a building he cares about the drought conditions. Get a grip already. Seriously? At one time they promised to offer an explanation for Jerry's supposed altered behavior, now it appears that they have basically said, eh who cares. Take this and like it...which makes me in essence HATE IT!! Give him a purpose and perhaps a relationship with someone other than CARLY!!!!!! I did want him with Alexis but not without him having an explanation or at least a bit of remorse for his previous actions, now it would only serve to ruin Alexis.

Sam and Carly catfight. I thought it was sad and sadly lacking. For one, Carly (#3) and Sam had a catfight at the bar over Jason a while back and that was ten times better than this mess. Laura Wright can pull off the attitude, and the snarkiness, and the classlessness of Carly, but brawling is not her thing at all. And am I to believe that she won that fight, because now Sam's arm is bandaged. Carly clearly lost to me, and she being a whole, what foot taller than Sam at that. It was a waste. They should have just blah blah blahed at each other some more, and called it a day.. Their interchanges are annoying as well for a few reasons, 1) history is completely rewritten because Sam and Carly were almost friends at one point, Sam took care of Carly when she was having the breakdown, and she helped find her kids when they were kidnapped. No they weren't bosom buddies but they were not at each others throats like this. 2) Carly ran to Jason when he was breaking up with Sam, after she had been shot by Manny (and slept with RIC !!) and told Jason not to dump her, and she ran to Sam and told Sam how to hold on to Jason, so now why is Carly spewing mess like "I've always wanted you gone?" He should of dumped you a long time ago, yadda, yadda, yadda?" That was just last year folks, can you not remember that short while back? But its all fruitless anyhow...

Absolutely absurdness: (and again I must use the word SICKENING!!!!)
Why does Sam, when in a pinch, with the police or the media, keep screeching that she will have her "MOTHER" come down here and entangle them in legal paperwork for her purposes. The mother she doesnt take the time to contact, or see, or talk to at all...that mother??? She's like Carly she uses her "family" connections only when it suits her...

Carly and Jason are not best friends...Drop it already and stop having her SAY IT in every single solitary episode already!!!! What is the dern point??? Where are you going with this??? If you are going to put them back together, fine go ahead, but knock off this best friend foolishness. Carly is a horrible friend, and basically she annoys the crap out of Jason, though he is loyal to her out of some warped sense of obligation. I think he does it because of his mob affiliations, but she's married to Jax now and Jason is moving on to Liz, enough with this mess as well..With her as a friend, he would do better being sentenced to prison for life.

Come on GH try something new, you're already in the crapper, mix it up, drop the mob mess, stop these insane cyclical ties and change things up a bit...

Night Shift:
This is going to be brief. Episode one was good, it got me, I liked it. Episode two was a horrendous attempt at dealing with race relations. It was horrid and I cringed on several occasions at their misguided efforts. The actors had to be cringing when they spouted the lines. The grandmother storyline for that nurse (lamely delivered), Dr. Ford's comments (shudder), Stan (so not believable at all-rewrite please) and Billy Dee. so fine still, at age what 120? ha ha but why is he a Janitor?? Dr. Ford has to be the only black doctor in the place..They attempted to emulate Grey's Anatomy yet do they not watch the show??? EVER??? For one race relations aren't even mentioned which I love, because that speaks more in volumes than this drivel. The nurses are hmmm... be nice..not believable I'll say. And I live Epiphany, I do she's not Chandra Wilson at all...Lovingly introduced to us as "the Nazi".

ABC what the??? Ruining one show wasnt enough huh????

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

June 25th GH viewing notes

Father’s Day barbeque, Jax gets more attention then Sonny and a better gift, yadda yadda yadda, Baby Jake is still missing. Crying, wailing and astonishment…Tuesday’s episode Jason is brought in to see his lawyer, oh wow she’s not there but Liz is, and he gets all the details on baby Jake, and then... JASON VS. LUCKY WHOAAAAAAA…..that was good stuff!

When Jason shouted at Lucky to just leave if he wasn’t going to support…and Liz cowered behind Jason.. YUMMY. I likes this very, very much. I think Jason vs Lucky would be wonderful if they just didn’t turn Lucky into a pill popping blithering idiot to do it. Lucky is the one who has been mislead here, lied to and deceived and they need to capitalize on that. They will prop up Jason and make him look like the great saint (a fine sexy, oh so muscular saint he is!) for giving up his child but still Lucky is not wrong here, Jason and Liz are, and that needs to be fleshed out. Jason is still super sexy though when he stands up for a woman (who’s not actually his woman!) rrrrrrawwwwwlllll…

When Lucky slammed into the interrogation room and got in Jason’s face about telling Liz not to talk to Dr. Winters and Mac, I (who utterly adore and love the sexy Jason) was whooping and rooting for Lucky!! He has a valid point. If Liz refuses to talk, she looks guilty (see that’s why Jason doesn’t talk because he usually is guilty of said crime!!!) but if she had of been a willing participant, it would have eliminated her as a suspect. And I know that they are trying to paint Lucky as the jerk, and have him push Liz into Jason’s waiting arms, but yet again, I must side with Lucky here. No, he shouldn’t have blamed Liz but he is the (supposed!) father he has a right to panic, and feel mad, and feel upset, and angry, and lash out, because his (supposed!-ha ha) son has been kidnapped. For them to act like Lucky is ohhh so wrong for loosing it, is idiotic.

Here we go again with Lulu standing in the middle of somebody else’s living room shrieking about somebody else’s business. Just support your family and shut your mouth sweetheart.

Okay, Carly is across town being all emotional, spouting off about a non-existent Jerry after watching the TV report about the boy being kidnapped but that’s it. No call, no support, no jumping up and running over to the house, nothing. Um, where’s all that cuz’n crap that you were spouting to Lucky when you wanted to get into the interrogation room? Geesh.

Why is Lulu even entertaining conversation with Logan? It’s written all over her face that she loves Spinelli. Ohhh, is that where they are going with this. After she breaks Spinelli’s heart when she sleeps with (yuck!!) Logan, then she’ll realize her heart belongs to Spinelli. Okay.. Well at least Lulu isn’t INSTANTLY falling for Logan. As a matter of fact she treats him like gum on the bottom of her shoe most of the time, intriguing.

Sam having a delivery of baby clothes sent to the dern penthouse! All-right enough already. We get it, it obviously wasn’t her who kidnapped him, and she’ll be looking even more delusional down the line as to why she ordered these clothes when it comes out that she’s innocent. Bllecccchhh….

Funny to me, Jason says that he hates to do this..But in 2.9 seconds flat, he’s giving directions to tail Sam and tap her phone.. Ha..Sounds like you didn’t hate to do it at all, Jase.

Okay, they are making Lucky look like an absolute obnoxious jerk. Now he doesn’t even know Liz, wasn’t he and Liz together since they were kids, now he never really knew her or loved her? C’mon, you don’t have to massacre their history just to put her and Jason together temporarily. Sheesh.

Here we go more Jason propping (though I love him and want Liz to run to his understanding, forgiving, supporting, loving, protective, muscular, yummy arms!!!) I hate to see them do this to you Lucky.. and now more Lulu propping and Maxie deprivation.

Amelia’s two step and back peddling and double talk is frustrating and amusing all at the same time. One minute I hate her and want to smack her teeth out of her mouth the next, I love that she’s putting Sam through the ringer. I get it now. I’m the basket case, not the GH writers.. It’s me!!!

Jax is soo dern foinne.. Man, I just thought I needed to mention that!

I love Alexis. She’s such a good friend to Jax even though she cannot stand his current wife!
Keep in mind that I’m flypaper for the psychotics.” Funny line.

Maxie and Logan continuously discussing this stupid horrific bet to bed both girls is disgusting.

DIANE IS FAB-U-LOUS!!! Sonny must be paying her seven figures to put up with the Corinthos crap.

I admit it, I’m fickle. I hate the character of Sam, but I like good story telling and continuity so I don’t agree with Jason “turning” so quickly against her. He should have clung on longer than a week after hearing “the con” story. I know that his baby being kidnapped is heavily swaying his decision, but the character of Jason, if he’s anything, it's freaking loyal to a fault. Only after it was revealed that Sam actually stole the baby should he have dropped her like a hot potato. But hey let me stop complaining. I’m getting what I want.. MY Jason away from SAM!!! Yeah…

Oh no, that wasnt baby Jake..Ohhh Jason’s watery eyes move me!!! Along with his pecs!

Drunk Sam is freaking ridiculous!!!! Even more so than regular Sam. Drunk Sam getting ripped by Carly. Good times. Man, I can’t wait until Carly finds out about this kid either, she’s gonna loose it! She does secretly love and want Jason, he just doesn’t want her, that’s why she has regulated herself to being just his best friend. Ughhh, they sound so grade school when they constantly spout that crap. Jason and Carly are best friends. Grow up already, pleez..

Drunk Sam at Liz’s door. Ohh-kay. I like when these two go at it though because Liz is no shrinking violet, she puffs up and blows when pushed too far. Yeah Sam, just get out..and then she runs to the station to blurt (nothing!) to Lucky. Pffffttt..Sam, Sam go away don’t come back another day! (now who is acting grade school?!) tee hee.

Hey, where did the hotel get those huge wine goblets from. I want a set of those.

Wait if Jake didn’t cry when “someone” stole him then it couldn’t have been Sam. He screams and hollers every time her spastic tail comes near him!

What a lackluster apology from Lucky to Liz.

Thursday- I LOVED all the interchanges especially between Diane, Sonny and Spinelli (actually Diane and everyone!)..Just too many to write down..But

Diane to Sonny about Spinelli:
“You’ve gotta translate.” And her looks are priceless.

Quartermaines as usual are hilarious. After they have Tracey carted off to the looney bin, they sit in the living room just chillin’. Dillon realizes something is wrong with this picture and it’s the fact that his mother is missing from it. Too funny.

Lainey should take the deal that Tracey is offering her. A year’s worth of salary to get her out, where do I sign?

Logan should turn out to be Ric’s son. Now that would be interesting as well, seeing as how he’s so pressed to work for Sonny. And Amelia and Ric have chemistry as well, and the brother’s continually share women, so hey, why stop now. Just give Ric his own storyline already!

I’m sorry for that sharing women comment it was a particularly low brand of debauchery..ANYHOW….till next week!!!! HOLLA!!!!

June 11-15th observations

As always I’m two weeks behind but in my defense it actually makes the show that much better because out of two weeks worth (that’s ten hours people) I actually get about 2 hours of real action, storyline progression, and movement (that is of course after I FF through all the recycled scenes, Sam’s whining scenes, Maxie and Logan scheming scenes, commercials and other general fluff) and I do believe, I like GH more.

SOoo I must state that I started watching with an attitude, and whenever I do that, all my comments tend to be harsh and cynical and I say that because I just said I enjoyed the last two weeks of catch up yet it may not sound like it. onward hoooo....

SO whilst watching Kate get arrested and wet running through Sonny’s yard I kept thinking to myself, that for a woman who claims she doesn’t want any connection or anything to do with Sonny why in the heck does she keep traipsing over to his house. Though I like that she constantly points out that his children are ill-behaved, and its his fault. I soooo love that!!! Seeing as how the entire rest of the Port Charles world keeps feeding us this bull about him being such a great father (a killing, murderous, volatile, mobster one!) .

Maxie and Georgie together are quite cute. Someone finally got it, that they needed to tone down Maxie by adding some sisterly affection to her screentime. Maxie thought they went to yoga at 6:00 am and it was actually 10:00. Too cute. And I quote “Are you saying I’m not selfish enough.” she pouts to her sisters sage advise that she do something better with her life then just lay around in some mans bed waiting for him to get home.

I don’t like Logan and I don’t like this entire idiotic bet that they have going on. I do not see Maxie’s motivation at all. Because Lulu was talking to Coop? I mean why is Maxie willing to loose the “best thing” that ever happened to her (that being Coop), by sleeping with Logan AFTER he gets Lulu. The whole thing is gross.

And enough GH with all the movie rip-offs. Kate Howard is obviously mimicking Meryl Streep from the Devil wears Prada but the whole Dangerous Liaisons attempt is sadly lacking.

Another ridiculous repetitive thing I witnessed over the last two weeks. Ric was taunting Sam in the interrogation room about their sickening tryst (hold on…got a little nauseous again!) and Alexis heard it along with half the PCPD, YET Jason keeps company in this room and is confessing to all sorts of crap. The baby daddy secret should be OUT seeing as how him and Liz keep rehashing it, and then Carly comes in and asks him all sorts of questions about possible hits put out on Jerry and then flat out asks him IN the police station did he kill him? Huh? I’m not understanding the logic. Then Spinelli trips in and tells him about plans to break him out.. Hullo????? You are in the POLICE STATION!! Carly was interrogating Jason and it was cracking me up. The cops didn’t ask him any of this, but his BFF is asking him IN the police station did he or didn’t he kill Lorenzo, or Jerry. I mean hullo? Too much. Seriously discussing all this private, special, incriminating, damning material in the freakin’ INTERROGATION ROOM!!! Diane, I’m with you, these folks are nuts!

Oh, another thing I must mention, Alexis overhearing Ric recount the gory details was vile, BUT I did so enjoy him ripping into Sam and telling her a) tantrums don’t work around here and b) he’d throw her out on her Everyday Heroes butt!! Good stuff.

Old news but I still don’t understand how Jax got the police DNA report on Jerry. And those Russian mobsters. Ha. Yeah, just walk in and ask the first person you see to ID somebody. Oh-kay!

I did have to laugh at the fact that Emily wasn’t even fazed that her big brother JASON had been arrested yet again for murder charges. Pffftt, she shrugs, he’s been arrested several times. Wow..

I did so enjoy Ric giving Kate the bizness as well. That was fun to watch as she thought that could play him, but alas, only Sonny can tread all over our award winning lovable D.A. No one else.

Okay, admittance, I like Sonny and Kate. I do. I like that they are developing (or renewing) a friendship before hopping into bed. Kate makes Sonny’s scenes tolerable. But lets look at the hypocrisy that is Sonny as well, with this entire Connie Falconieri crap.

Why is he so adamant about her not using her old name. CARLY isn’t really “Carly” remember!? She supposedly stole and used her dead - who came to life and attempted to exact revenge on her as well - friend’s name. (follow that? LOL!) So what’s the big hoopla over Kate not using Connie Falconieri. Geez, and I CANNOT stand the Carly is jealous over Sonny for the 100th time go around, but I do like that Carly is jealous over Kate and Jax.

Carly and Kate sparring is high-larious. Good stuff to watch. Kate’s barbs at Carly are priceless. I think the Kate Howard portrayal is over the top, and getting a little tired, but when they line her up as Carly’s sparring partner and we get the apparent Trailer Trash vs. High Society clash, I perk right up. And for the viewer to know that Kate is really from Bensonhurst the whole time that she’s tearing into Carly just makes it that much funnier, because she KNOWS exactly how to shoot and aim those quips of hers. Laura Wright is a powerhouse and (forgot her real name) the actress playing Kate Howard doesn’t shrink in her presence. She stands toe to toe and when they stare at each other with their noses almost touching I can literally feel the catfight coming on, and I know it would be a good one. Carly’s threats don’t even faze Kate, she either ignores her, or shuts her down. I looooove it. And Kate, Diane and Alexis scenes are TREMENDOUS!!!! Please, put them together as friends, please, please, please. They can all sit around and carry on intelligent conversations and throw big words in Sonny’s face.

I greatly like Jax and Carly. He calms down her craziness without ridiculing her and embarrassing her to do it and he stays true to his own character. I like them so very much, I hate so very much the Jerry crap, and Carly’s continual insistence that he must die and pay for what he’s done - she being the epitome of hypocrisy with that comment every time it exits her mouth.

The whole entire Robin and Patrick and the baby fiasco was hilarious but its two weeks old and folks have moved on. Just to say though, they are the next supercouple. They are building a great dynamic with these two and they are a pleasure to watch. I caught myself grinning sheepishly a few times and had to hurry up and adjust my expression back to its normal GH scowl. And wow. The Robin recap of her history with Jason and Sonny, kudos, kudos, kudos, and Patrick’s understanding and his calm demeanor as he listened to her, really just melted my socks off. Good soap moments.

Another point I must make. Tequila is rough. These folks are throwing them back like its water. (it probably is, but for television sake) I definitely wouldn’t want any of this crew to operate, examine, or psychoanalyze me the next morning. Especially not brain surgeon Dr. Patrick Drake.

Georgie is a great person. And she’s not overly done, she has her own faults but she’s genuine, she recommended herself and her time and her shoulder to a young woman who basically ruined her marriage. Wow. She’s got class and humble strength. They’ll probably write her right off the show.

The whole Baldwin winning custody over Laura is so absurd it’s not even worth this mention. But enjoy your vacation Tony. Oh, Dr. Von Schemerman was funny!

Hey I have to mention I got almost three whole days of viewing in, without nay sign of Sam and Amelia, and it was splendid, but yet here we are again. So let’s leap ahead a week and a half, now that she’s going stone cold nuts and stealing babies. Ya know, I never liked the character of Sam, never did, she was tolerable at first but she’s been sickening for quite a while now, and even with that opinion of her I feel sorry for the MUTILATION of this character. It’s horrendous. But the spin is nuts. Now that Sonny knows and he’s running absolutely all over town telling everyone about Sam being a con woman, I have to agree with Jason not immediately accepting this farce from Amelia.

And Ric suddenly is saying all sorts of insightful things about Sam’s loyalties like he knew from the start that she was a con. C’mon. First off, if she were latching onto gullible men, why in the world would she have picked Sonny? That bama is volatile, explosive, and a murderer; Sonny should definitely have not been a mark. Dumb. And two, Amelia admits to not knowing her father all that well and spending absolutely no time with him yeeetttt she’s willing to go through all of this to avenge his death. It sounds more and more like Amelia’s daddy was volatile too and Sam was justified in the self defense plea. Sheesh… Ya know what I’ll tell you this, if all this bed hopping and clingy flip flopping that Sam has been pulling, can be attributed to a con then sorry to say, her character would finally make some sense and then all of this foolishness can be explained away and wiped clean.

And though I’m all for the push Liz and Jason back together. I am truly; it still doesn’t make sense for Liz to be running back and forth to the police station to see her baby daddy, when she’s trying to keep the secret from her COP husband! Hello??!!! I mean she wasn’t there for her husband and her in-laws when the verdict came down about their catatonic mother yet she found the time to visit the hitman.

Miscellaneous Mentions:
Hey Milo, Tan MUCH??

Sonny and Kate:
A woman in your position.”
“What position is that?”
“Half naked in my living room

Kate Darling your walking around the man’s house in only a shirt, its safe to say that folks are going to assume you’re sleeping with the rooster of the roost. Did those pajamas not come with bottoms?

I love the way Diane gives Sonny and Jason the what for. And she offers the same advise to Kate as Alexis, how hilarious. Sell now, even at a loss!

Why does Lainey feel that Robin and Patrick won’t last? And Lainey needs a softer haircut, that dark blunt cut makes her look way harsh.

Why does everyone keep pushing Dr. Lee and Patrick towards each other. We know she’ll be the skank that he eventually beds, to put a temporary fly in the ointment that is Robin and Patrick’s happiness. Can we be a little more subtle about it though.

Milo to Sonny:
You might as well fire me now!”

I agree with Bernie. Oh no not again! About Sonny being distracted by Kate.

And last but not least. That little Monica moment made me pause and tear up a bit.. Wow..even in silent moments the Q’s can move you.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Good Soap..June 5, 2007

I enjoyed GH last week. Tuesday through Thursday episodes were really good..Here are my viewing thoughts whilst watching..

On Monday:
Did they just have Amelia admit in her onscreen dialogue that they were indeed dropping the horrendously stupid “revenge against Sam” pretense that blew her into town. Thank you.

Liz wearing a GH t-shirt was truly cute. I love that Liz has such normalcy to her life. She does laundry, she takes her kids to the park, she works a regular 9 to 5. You need one semi-realistic character for balance (yes, I am purposely being oblivious to the whole my baby daddy is a hitman thang at the moment!).

Sonny is jealous of Spinelli! The Pachino-esque One. HA! He is mad that Jason has a new male love…PRICELESS! He truly can't stand that someone else keeps Jason’s secrets, and spends more time with Jase than he does. And its someone who he cant manipulate, sleep with, or even threaten (as we see) into submission.

To berate Spinelli is just rude though. Sonny is a grown man, WITH children, the fact that he is ripping into this kid and OFFERING HIM LIQUOR (what the??) shows the low character of this clown. Though (as usual I flip flop) their entire interaction was HIGH-larious. It was very good, with Spinelli babbling and Sonny’s lack of comprehension and patience.

Sonny and Spinelli:
I don’t know if your doing this to deflect me, or you just cant help being a freak.
Spinelli to Sonny:
Friends, don’t fit friends for cement keyboards, do they?”

Okay Mr. Craig is not Jerry Jax, though he looks the exact same, and sounds the exact same?

This lackluster effort is the best they can do to back peddle out of this stupid storyline? Seriously, this is the best explanation that they could offer the viewers? So now EVERYONE in the freaking town is absolutely nuts? Ohhh unfortunately he got the same plastic surgeon as a hostage taking freak who just happened to be in little ole Port Charles a month before he arrived into town, none the wiser? This is so horrible, it’s sad and its insulting. Yet again I reiterate I love the actor playing Craig (I wish he would have just stayed Craig- perhaps he could have been a long lost cousin to Jax instead of this garbage) but turning him into Jerry and then letting him traipse all over town is ludicrous. It would have made more sense for Alexis to just get him acquitted of the charges, perhaps through a legal loophole, or from his old alliances bribing a judge, anything but this is simply awful.

For a brief moment Ric and Alexis were able to converse, and I saw a glimpse of Rexis and then…you could see the animosity flicker across Alexis face and it turned back into “Ric must always be portrayed as vile!” Personally, and I could be wrong, but ISNT Ric Molly’s FATHER??? I mean did I miss something..It’s not like he’s Scott Baldwin who is suing for a woman whom he married 30 years ago? Ric is the father, and he doesn’t attempt to keep Alexis from seeing her so I’m not getting the Ric is so horrific and Alexis is so justified theme, that is going on.. I like Ric, even when he's the villain (I hated that he slept with Sam!!) I like his complexity, his duality, I think they could have played that up more instead of portraying him as this cartoon character. Rick Hearst plays his part WELL and I think that that is the only saving grace to Ric Lansing..wiat..How did I get off into that whole interlude..never mind…

Bobby and Scotty..Good moment..Good conversation, good use of history and good chemistry..Too bad we won’t get anymore of it, it was a powerful moment and a welcome deviation from the ridiculous fluff that is the norm.

Sams big revelation on how to restore her ruined relationship is …Dun da da dun…take a hitman on a picnic! What a twit..This passive aggressive crap is sickening..

Hmm I’ve never seen (or cant remember) seeing Lesley get emotional with Nikolas and I liked it, it was touching.

Thank you Edward for not falling for Skye’s pleading tears to be reunited with the Quartermaines. I like Skye but she shall remain an outcast for her part in Alan’s demise.

Is Skye putting the moves on Ric, or does every conversation that Robin Christopher has with the opposite sex look like flirting?

Sonny is accusing Jason of being sloppy and distracted. How ridiculous.. He who has the attention span of a gnat, especially when a skirt is involved..Pfffttt..

They are trying to clean Liz up again by allowing her to admit that she “spiraled” out of control last year, also. Hers was not as apparent as Lucky’s but nonetheless, she says. Mind you, I like the spin, I want Liz to be redeemed but…are we supposed to forget the longing looks at Jason and the admittance that she loved him?

What the??!! Why is it that anyone can just waltz into the mobster and the hitman’s office? And for no important reason whatsoever!!! Sam storms in and interrupts biz-ness because she wants to go on a picnic?? And Sonny just sits there looking at her, while Jason stares out into space..oohhh kay.

Sonny’s continual niggling and repeated mention of Jason’s “secret pain” is so petty, seeing as how that same Jason has stuck by him through numerous emotional traumas and breakdowns..Hid his secrets, even juggled his mistresses and wives (sickening) but now that Jason is having a bit of an issue, all he can do is yell at him for not being focused..Jason's father just died, perhaps he’s having difficulty getting over that…I mean where’s the support for him..Nada, Nathan..Oh but its okay to come over and shoot down a freaking statue from a helicopter because evidently that is important as well, as long as it gets Sonny into Kate’s pants..BLECCCCHHHHH!

Why are they changing Maxie’s look? I preferred her short sassy look it complimented her snippy short self centered attitude.

Sam constantly stomping off every 2 seconds is ridiculous and immature…and she wants a child?? She’s too busy being a child her self at the moment to have one in her care..

Tracey is so strong and awesome as a wife to Luke and as a caring stepmom to Lulu.

Go Alexis (in the courtroom)!!! Oh, I’m so glad that they have moved away from that cancer storyline, it dragged on for eternity. Hey Sam have you called your mom at all lately? Nah of course not.

“Ketchup with your carbs?” Amelia to Sam..Too funny. Sam is a blithering idiot.

Hold up did I hear that correctly, did the blithering idiot just say out of her hypocritical crooked mouth , “considering all the lies that Liz is keeping.” Hullo? I know that they have temporarily pushed aside the Amelia thang (till next week I hear) but is Sam delirious.. 5 Husbands and the murder of a man, not coming to mind at the moment, eh?

How sad it is that Amelia has to be the one to point out the truth to psychotic Sam. Man I have some great names for this chick. Sickening Sam, Psychotic Sam, Sad Sam, ahh the list is endless..Ouch I just had a moment of realization of how mean I’m being..I felt bad. I’m sure Kelly Monaco is doing the best with what they give her to portray but the CHARACTER and not the person playing the fictional character is written to be horrendous. Sorry KM.

Turning pages, I love the maturity of Luke and Nikolas and the fact that the Spencer has genuine affection for this Cassadine spawn, seeing as how he is the child of his beloved Laura.

Logan is unimportant and obnoxious. Why do they insist on putting him in our face so much? Drop him and move on to another storyline already geesh.

How does Jerry/Craig know that the commissioner’s daughter is oversexed..Ohh, its that obvious huh?

Julie Berman is a POWER HOUSE! I was glad she was off the canvas for a minute and after watching the court scene and the interaction with Tony Geary afterwards I am thrilled that she is back. She is awesome. In her own storyline, and not running back and forth to Jason’s penthouse every ten minutes, telling him that he must keep the secret of Jakes paternity to save Lucky. When she recoiled from her dad’s touch, I was done for… I mean I was snotting, crying, reaching for the box of tissues.

Lulu to Luke:
“We’re in it, you might as well go all the way, so to speak.” Lulu to Luke about the gory details of the rape.

Thursday’s episode was tremendous! Them sitting on opposite ends of the bench as Luke regurgitated the horrid tale, spoke volumes. Nicely done.. I felt Luke’s heart breaking as he watched Lulu walk away.

Okay! Sam is officially NUTS!! Now Jason and Liz’s baby should be hers? Huh, what, how in the world? Oh-kay in her world of confused logic, where all things surround and must relate to her, this makes sense that the baby should be hers seeing as how its Jason’s biological child and she naturally would make a better mother than Liz…Bwaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..Oh man. I need another tissue. They have to make this character have a complete mental breakdown to explain her irrational behavior, and then slowly redeem the character.

They have completely ruined street savvy Sam, and nothing but a complete wipe can bring her back, and of course if you allow her Mom to assist her in rebuilding her life she might be salvageable. That way we can then explore her Cassadine roots and delve deeper into her character instead of coming up with these ridiculous story plots and tossing them onto their pet project. Otherwise there is just no way to make any sense out of the nonsense that is Sam unless you just kill her off the show in Mob gunfire altogether, and be done with it..(that’s me wiping my hands!)

Hmmm, Jerry likes Carly or is it just remarkable chemistry that I see between Roche and Wright. Two very awesome actors.

You know I’m getting uncomfortable with Alexis REPEATEDLY telling Jax that she loves him. I did enjoy her support of him and their friendship but this is going a bit overboard.

Hmmm in Jerry’s (boring) flashbacks of him and Irena, why didn’t we see his old face? Ha ha.. Hasn’t he only had this face for a year or even less a few months? Oh, never mind I’m trying to make sense out a senseless story.

It doesn’t strike Mac as odd that Ric is INSISTING on the recorder being analyzed? And man it miraculously has Lo accusing his nemesis Jason Morgan of his murder. How convenient.

Jerry/Craig to Carly:
True to your nature, you’ve missed the point. (funny and quite true!) I like him so much!

Love is disposable, survival isn’t.

Jerry/Craig sounds more like a Corinthos sibling than a Jax brother at this point.

Sam to Jason:
“I’ve never really understood until now, how selfish you really are.” ** Long astonished pause, my mouth hanging open in shock** I'm officially speechless.

Okay Lulu, in regards to talking to Carly. Her mother was a prostitute, and her father was a john, she is a product of the poor choices that your father and her mother dealt with early on in life, so therefore she’s not one who will be particularly biased or opinionated about Luke and Laura or “the rape.” Good speech on forgiveness though, very good speech.

How awesome was it that Spinelli ran out of the door to see about the Blonde One before Jason could even finish his sentence. This kid is great, super, wonderful, awesome, tremendous, umm hold on I’m going to go to the thesaurus and find some more good adjectives. In a nutshell he’s a delight to watch. Plus he didn’t crack when grilled by Corinthos and that right there shows his caliber.

Spin to Lulu:
Just know that I am here. Your friend for life, ready to help in whatever way you need.

Last week was great..Well Tuesday through Thursday’s episodes were great, I was engrossed and moved and then the moment was completely shattered when they cut back to Sam and her foolishness! But oh well.. Friday’s episode was odd, very choppy and did not have the same romance and themes as the previous three days.. but overall it was a good soap viewing week..


Tuesday, May 29, 2007

May 29th, 2007 SOAPsDISH!

I feel the need to apologize for my posts..After perusing the web and reading my other GH faves I have to admit that I am (1) seemingly, the only one who is enjoying GH right now and (2) laughing uproariously. I watch for entertainment, and I guess I do not take 80% of the shows conversations, occurrences or storylines seriously, which gives me ton of stuff to write (critique )in this post and it thereby allows me to enjoy the hilarity of the show; I’m also a Spongebob Squarepants fan so you can clearly see where I’m coming from. But I truly feel bad now that I’ve read the passionate and burdened views of other posters that I admire….

And I’mmmm over it..sooo onto my highly original (I say that laughing outloud as well) opinionated post!

Carly/Sonny/Jax/Kate and some Jason thrown it as well
Honestly I must laugh out loud, and for a great length of time, whenever I hear Sonny attempt to bully Jax in the name of Carly’s safety, seeing as how he has thrown her out of his house countless times, divorced her on a whim (betrayal, betrayal!!) three times, and my favorite all time fail safe ….HE SHOT HER IN THE HEAD!!!!! I think I work this into every single commentary I post, but I must be the one who constantly reminds our viewing public of this sad ridiculous albeit sickeningly hilarious point..He is the last person on earth that should speak whenever Carly’s best interests, or her safety comes into question.

SO Ric gets a free pass and Jerry must die..And how exactly is that different Sonny? Oh, simply because you say so, oh-kay I get it..Yep another thing to add to the list of absurdly ridiculous hypocritical comments that are Sonny Corinthos..Hmmm, Ric chained your then wife, Carly to a WALL, and attempted to steal your unborn son, yettt he gets multiple chances..a brother who you know is hell bent on revenge, and yet Jerry’s brother (bellow it like Sonny now…) DESERVES TO DIE..and what, now? Jax should be the one to kill him? Eh…How many times have you held a gun to Ric’s head and not been able to pull the trigger and this is a man who you just recently became acquainted with, you didn’t grow up with him in a supposed happy home as Jax did with Jerry.. Pfftt…

I hate that Jax has to beg Sonny for his brothers life…beg Sonny for his leftover women..beg Sonny continuously..Ugh.. Do you see the pattern here?

Carly, honey, I’m thinking that you should come up with a better argument to Jason other than “Jax and I wont make it if you kill his brother.” I’m just saying, that’s not a point that will move him much, seeing as how he has seen you through countless other failed relationships.. Counseling you (and Sonny) is his real 9-5 day job anyway; hitman is just something he does on the side.

Tracey and Luke
I love Luke and Tracey in love, and I’m tickled pink that the bond that formed between Tracey and Lulu is being brought back into the forefront.

Notable quotables:
"You’re a damn strong ally."

"I’ve become surprisingly fond of my prickly smart-mouthed step-daughter."

I truly hope and pray that they continue to expand on that dynamic because in a pinch Tracey always comes through and now that Dillon is exiting (more diminishing Q’s) hopefully she’ll still get some screen time.

Skye and Lo
My Lo is gone..(real tears I'm crying people!) I loved that sexy fine Ted King, truly I did. The writing for his character was horrible, especially after he developed a following and viewers preferred his lovable gangster portrayal more than spastic Corinthos..(what?? I’m just saying)..But now your gone and I will miss seeing your fineness on GH..I wish you success elsewhere!

I must be sick and twisted because I was enthralled at Skyes manipulations. She is quick on her feet.. Man. When that Fed(?) walked in and started asking questions, she covered like a champ, which impressed Lo. He praised her once the convinced Fed left, but my thoughts were “eh Lo, you've seen her skills, and you don’t get, that she’s about to have you whacked?” I mean seriously, when she dropped the robe, he should have known he was done for. You stole the woman’s child!!!! And she’s willing to climb into bed with you? Nahh, sweetie don’t do it..

And sitting in the rocking chair, gently singing to your daughter as you listen to her father slump to the ground..Hmmmph..I’m sadistic I admit it.. That entire scene was powerful..Only from an entertainment point of view..(boy am I back peddling huh??)

And wait let me add Ric in here..Why is he so hot on the trail ALREADY..Come on..Lo went to Venezuela and Ric wasn’t over the house immediately, seeking him out, assuming he was murdered..Seriously, I know you’re keeping the storyline moving but you should have at least given it three days and then had Ric start to get suspicious, not three freakin hours..Man..

But I do like the Ric and Skye chemistry, I do..I hope they turn Skye into the next, not so psychotic, just more manipulative, version of Faith Roscoe.. TPTB, Do not turn her into another one of Sonny’s bed bunny’s. Please!!!!! But then again, if you want your actress to have an ample amount of screentime, she must traverse through the horrendous land that is, the Corinthos mattress....**heavy sigh**

Amelia/Sam/Liz and Jason
Both of these women (perhaps all three, actually) have been slapped with a dumb stick..

Seriously, first off, Amelia, your idiotic, convoluted revenge plan is so incredulously stupid that I just don’t even get the point anymore..and how dumb are you? Sam lives a very dangerous life, her boyfriend is a MOB HITMAN, and you’ve had a gun shoved in your face how many times now? Yet, you think that getting revenge for your father, who evidently married an underage floozy, and apparently was an abusive man as well, needs vengeance exacted for what was done to him?? Huh, what, who, hello?

It reminds me though of another horrendous “my father was a good man” revenge storyline. Remember the disastrous Reese is really Carly crap? The fed who came to town and fell in love with Sonny’s dimples, and couldn’t keep her pants on, and then turned around and wanted to exact revenge from Carly, because she slept with her father (a man who slept with an adolescent 16 year old Carly!!) but Carly ruined her family as well. Yeah, the same horrific convoluted writer is regurgitating this crap at us again.. As if it worked so well the last time? Actress fired, network lawsuit, hullo? Any of this mess ringing a bell, here???

If Sam doesn’t stop apologizing to conniving Amelia, enough already. WE GET IT, Sam is fooled by Amelia sheesh!! And Sam is now going to be a baby stealing lunatic, I suppose, because suddenly she is obsessed with Jake, Jason’s progeny, “oh look at those blue eyes,” “oh you must get that from your father”..and Liz sits there and doesn’t get it at all..Honey, the last time you checked weren’t your husband Lucky’s eyes, brown??? So yet again, no bells and whistles are going off that Sam knows that this is Jason’s baby?

I do like that Liz is not mousy, she can lay the hammer down when she needs to. She has that strong authoritative Mommy NO! She made me sit up and pay attention. Ha ha ha.. And Sam sits there using Amelia’s same passive aggressive tactics on Liz, but everyone is none the wiser to the others game, eh? Oh kay…Jason looking like a deer caught in the headlights was hilarious though..He really doesn’t know what to do, everyone just kind of stood there in the coffee house (and sits) looking puzzled. And Sonny ended up being the most perceptive one, his meds are really working man.

Robin and Patrick
I love them in love as well. But these writers don’t know, or don’t think that couples in love and working together is interesting, because that whole interlude with those underaged girls was stupid! And what they no longer have anything to say or do with this Craig fiasco? I guess now that Sonny and Jason have caught wind of it its best to stay away..Hmm on second thought, that is the smartest thing to do. They never hit their supposed target.

But these two have cute dialogue to me.. I know others hate it and think its rehashed, and Robin does sound a bit schizophrenic at times, but once again I much rather have them regurgitate this, than yet another non-chemistry having, bed hopping, woman swapping scenario, with Sonny/Carly/Jax/and insert new unknown woman’s name here.

Robin and Patrick:
We are not good, not in non-crisis time.
What is that like, daylight savings time

Noah got some good screen time too but I couldn’t understand his motivation for snapping at them, when he was championing their union a few weeks earlier. What in the world where those three hideous looking underdressed girls ("the triplets") supposed to be? Enticement for Patrick? Yuck. They were gross. “I was teaching her how to grind.” *shudder** Those creatures should not have bothered DR. Robin at all...

Okay finally onto the pies de resistance.. All things involving CRAIG/JERRY
Ha ha..yeah the piece that I have been trying to resist.. I know pitchforks and torches will follow (I intentionally quote Craig) but I’m intrigued by this Jerry/Craig fiasco. Once again, I suspend belief, because the storyline doesn’t make sense. Ohh, doing all this to keep innocent Emily from being imprisoned due to espionage charges, yeah whatever, that would not motivate Carly, nor Jason actually, who shoots first, and then has Sonny’s high priced lawyer bail him out, stop them. They have Alexis, they have Diane, they even have Ric who can pull any amount of crooked schemes, oh wait and Jax holds Mayor Floyd in his back pocket, so the reasoning for keeping Craig alive and out in the open being to protect Emily, is atrociously ridiculous but….

I don’t care!! Sebastian Roche rocks, and he has chemistry with absolutely everybody on screen.. I can't believe it..He and Jax together are (swoon) delicious to watch interact and I can believe their brothers (simply because I want to dangit!!) I love the interaction with Lady Jane, I like him and Alexis, though there is no way in heck that she should ever choose to be with him KNOWING now, everything that he has done. Using Emily as a bargaining chip with Jason, is genius! because we all know the lengths that Jason will go to protect Emily (yes, even though the espionage scheme is ridiculous -using her is still good!)..Plus I liked Craig's scenes with Jason.. Jason looked confused, and put out.. but that’s normal, yet I still liked the strength in which Craig projected, in his encounters with Jason. He knows Jason’s lethal, but he also knows that Jason has a fatal flaw as a hitman; he has loved ones. I do not care that the entire change from hostage taker to Jax’s brother is horrendous, I don’t care, I don’t care. I love Craig, and I love every scene that he is in. I do wish however that they had just kept him as Craig and found a better way to infilitrate him into society and into the cast than rewriting and totally obliterating history by slapping the label Jerry Jax on him. He makes a great villian in his own right without trying to accurately deal with the Jerry history and connections.

Yet another odd interaction that must be mentioned..

Alexis and Carly altercations all week..

Over Jax…Huh, what? I really didn’t know how to feel about that..At first I was like, Carly honey, you are completely psychotic and so overtly insecure that it is pathetic.. (though I do like when her and Alexis squabble -the sheer entertainment value..priceless) but as I listened to Carly’s irrationale rationale, suddenly I turned to the dark side..Ha ha I did see where she was coming from, and I had to admit that she was 100% correct in every point that she made. Alexis does dog her, she is condescending and rude, and talks her down the minute she’s out of the room. All true.. Claiming that Alexis would use her sickness as a tool to manipulate Jax into bed, was low, very low, but when she made a comparison to how Alexis fell into bed with Sonny, I had to concede yet another valid point to crazy insecure psychotic Carly.

Yes, she’s insecure, she lacks self control, she’s selfish, she’s overbearing, she’s classless, she’s grating, yes all true, but she also does have a right to be jealous of Alexis, and of her friendship with Jax, SEEING as how Alexis did say last week that she should have slept with Jax when she had the chance, and that she was able to get his marriage annulled.. That’s all I’m saying. Hey, even a broke clock is right twice a day!

By the way, I like Jax and Carly…Very much... Very, very much. And I’m particularly glad that my first fight with my husband as newlyweds, wasn’t over my b.f.f. shooting my brother but hey what are you going to do..

And to acknowledge the awkwardness of Nikolas’s outburst. Jax being everybodies b.f.f. (what a hoot) I would like to take this opportunity to point out all the reasons why Jax is sooo much better than Sonny (this is after watching the Kate and Carly's altercation in which Sonny did not intervene, and sat back, watching and enjoyed their little spat.) Kate's got a little spunk to her doesnt she..I guess shes capable of pulling the bensonhurst out of her back pocket when need be and handing out her own can of whoop @$$. She told Carly that she was about to bite off more than she could chew and I was like whoa...

But back to Jax:

1). He would never take anybody elses side over Carlys (his wife!)
2). He chose his wifes feelings over his best friend (and you are supposed to!!!)
3). He knew she was bluffing and yet didn’t call her on it, because he didn’t want to embarrass her
4). He didn’t threaten and or manipulate her into doing what he wanted.
5). Best of all. He didn’t scream, throw barware and smash things and tell her she was dead to him, nor stomp out of the house. (this might be 5,6, and 7!)

That Nikolas, is why he is everybodies b.f.f and Carly’s white knight!

And to further disagree with other fellow loved and respected posters! I still love Spinelli, and Spinelli speak.

He’s a bumbling teen and how impossible is it that the BMOC Jason, the epitome of cool, has befriended him. It renders me speechless, though it causes him to babble, I think its adorable. I love that he reached in and hugged Sonny. Another one of my roaring moments. I loved that he mocked Sonny and was surprised that he pronounced Couture correctly. Hey, I was surprised as well.
Spinelli has the gumption to say these things to their face and it’s refreshing. Yes, he goes on and on, about the “secret pain of Stone Cold” and yes its veering onto the side of creepy, BUT no one, absolutely no one, ever thinks about what’s good or best for Jason, and finally we have someone who does and I’m thrilled about it. I love his nicknames and I love his quirky innocence.

Driven One = Amelia
Valkyrie = Carly
Noble One= Emily
Unhinged One = Jerry/Craig
Stone Cold = Jason
The Innocent one = Jake
White Knight = Jax
Godfather= Corinthos
Crabby Commando = Logan
Darth Alcazar = Lorenzo

Did you notice that Sam no longer has a nickname, if I can make the suggestion, she can be known as the “obnoxiously stupid one”.

Now, who is Spinelli going to turn into though? Is he going to be related to Jason somehow down the line? They’ll eventually have to introduce some sort of connection that creates angst, sooo seeing as how he has befriended and worships Stone Cold, deductuve reasoning tells me that he will have to turn out to be the child of Stone Cold’s enemy. But who could that be? Now that Lo is dead and now that Sonny has mentioned that Jason is oddly patient with him, it must already be in the works to flush out his character.

What the??? Kate moved next door to Sonny. C’mon on. You can’t be anymore creative than that? Seriously? Right next door huh? Ohh-kay. Why move next door to the man you dont want, who is a mobster, who is a constant target, who knows you're REAL name and who keeps manipulating you to do things his way? Yet another glutton for punishment.

I do love Diane in her presence though. “Your outfit btw, is fab-U-Lous!”

Seriously the bit players are giving us the gold on GH.

Sonny to Ric:
Not everyone is cut out for fatherhood...

Haaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaa…oh my goodness, oh wait my side is hurting..oh man..that’s good stuff, phew.. New nickname for Sonny as well.. Brrrriiiinnnnnggg…Hullo? Pot calling kettle..Sonny, it’s for you!!! Ya, hypocritically, murderous, mobster idiot!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

No LULU all week..yet there was plenty SAM!


As much as I love the girl.. I'm sorry I seriously have to say hip hip hooray! It was good to not see Lulu! I was so very tired of seeing her, get thrown into everybodies storyline.

Secondly..1st Amelia is sooo sooo much better..Yes, we know, the storyline still stinks... but still old Amelia (can a character already be old who has only been on the show for what, 3 months?) is so much better than that bug eyed creature that temporarily replaced her.

On to the dish...

Luke to Tracey:
Between the undead and the 'wish they were dead' this town is getting pretty crowded..

Ha ha ..Luke makes my day.. He can only be on for two minutes, and have three lines but what ever comes out of his mouth usually tickles me. Even though I hate his storyline as well. Well I don’t really hate it but it just doesn’t make any sense. Sadly none of the current storylines make any sense but that rant is going to come a little later..

Tracey to Luke:
...Scott says I haven’t gotten the best of you either, that’s why he keeps pushing me to double cross you.

Luke to Tracey
..your in public, you know better than to argue with the bar stools.

These two are why I tune in. And lookie there Alan made it out of the Q living room and out of that chair.

And when Luke went to the hospital to visit the baby, and kissed Liz on her forehead, I oohhed and aahhed and melted and then, yet again I recalled the hypocrisy of the entire storyline, and shut down (not on Luke of course!). Once this comes out and it blows his "cowboys" world to pieces Luke will be calling Liz a different kind of mother.

Now on to the list of conversations, NOT TO HAVE!!

Liz and Jason...If you're hiding the dern paternity, why stand in her hospital room and consistently say, my baby, our child, your the mother of my baby. Thank you for your sacrifice and giving up your child.

But the award for stupid conversations goes to none other than SAM!! Anything that comes out of Sam's mouth is just blatantly hilariously ridiculous. Ya mean to tell me that as SOON as Amelia walks up, it all spills.. In 2.9 seconds and she wasn’t even drunk yet. This verbal diarrhea just flowed from what? Some connection she has to her producer??? Hello??? And wait, the fact that she has the audacity to have an ATTITUDE at Jason. I'm going to forget the horrific, horrendous, absolutely atrocious things that she has done in her short 3-4 year tenure on the show and I'm going to pretend that she is innocent and has every right to be upset, angry, betrayed and belittled by "her Jason," "there's my Jason"... But... Is she not hiding from him at this very moment the fact that she was married 5 times before? Ahh, that selective amnesia that she has is so awesome. I have it to, in regards to these stupid moments. I mean Jason forgave the fact that she SLEPT with her stepfather and yet...she's indignant about the Liz baby thang. I'm thankful that she finally realizes that he did it, to salvage her self-centered slimy feelings, seeing as how he was going to tell her all about the baby, but she spewed the fact that she couldn’t have kids before he could get it out.

Moving on:
I've decided that I like the Jax brothers. I want a new dynamic on the show, so I'm willing to completely forget (i'm making good use of that selective amnesia thang arent i?) the horrid hostage crisis, bombing of the hotel, poisioning of Nikolas foolishness , just to have a new character on (old character back?-I’m so confused!) that involves the Jax family. Now when the writers turn him into Sonny's whipping boy, I'll be disgusted and loose interest, but if they keep up the development between Jax and Carly, I'll invest some viewing time.

Okay, I was liking...wait, well hold on..I was not hating Kate and Sonny.. The little trip down memory lane was idiotic, and it also blows their initial meeting to bits seeing as how NOW she admits that she instantly recognized him (why would she come back then? instead of going next door to GH to make her dern call???) but when we went to the dimples...THEY LOST ME..

PLEASE, please, please, can someone tell these writers that a grown man, 40 something years old, dimples are no longer cute or an attraction. Who in the upper offices has this fascination with dimples, for petes sake? It's sickening! Benard is a handsome man, yes, we get it, but if its continually spoon fed to us (read - shoved down our throats) we collectively turn and start to despise the characteristic. I am sick of the mention of that dern mans facial muscle defect!!! Dimples are cute on kids, dimples do not attract secret agents (Reese) and fashion divas (Kate) to a known mobsters.. On a middle aged man they are assumed to be wrinkles!!! Would you PLEASE stop this foolishness already.. They do not have the magnetic power to turn strong women into mush, and instantly cause their underwear to fly off!!!!!!!!!! **breathe** ** breathe** whew sorry.. andddd...

Having a grown woman prance around in high heels playing a juvenile game does it for Sonny, eh? I'm waiting for him to suggest the parochial school girl uniform soon and demand she put that on as well in return for the dern flash drive.

Okay Sam blatantly said to Jason, "do you want me or your babies mother" and yet....we act like that was not comprehended at all by Jason. Hmmm, no instant uh-oh "she knows" thoughts at all, eh? And then when he point blank asks her, the deflection was a good attempt on her part, but Jason should have caught on that she knew. Why the bender? Why the baby drama and comments? C'mon writers, PTB, somebody?

When Carly was claiming that Jason could confide in her, I cracked up and then pleaded with the TV for him not to do it...Do not tell her about Liz and the baby!! Thank goodness his temporary brain functionality didn’t fizzle out on that moment, because he knows SHE HATES Liz and that would have been a fiasco. Redirect back to her, that's all it takes for Carly... and Sam. Jason I'm begging you hurry up and get together with Liz, the women in your life are leeches!

Another conversation I don’t think I'll ever have in my lifetime:

Carly to Jax:
Whether your brother gets away or my dearest, dearest friend kills him....

Sheesh, did no one find that disturbing but me? I know I'm a GH hypocrite, because I love the Jason and I also like bad girl Carly (on occasion and sans Sonny) but for some reason that conversation just struck me as soooo out of place and disturbing. But I did thoroughly enjoy the husband and wife dynamic of Carly and Jax. They discussed the matter! Wow. Go figure. I wish Sonny could have seen that. He wouldn’t have known what it wa,s so never mind. But an actual married couple having a rough patch (yes forgo the fact that it’s about a surgically altered hostage taking brother) and they are hashing out the details, one another’s feelings and the consequences of their actions. How absolutely refreshing. One person isnt being used just to prop up the other (i.e. Big bad Sonny and poor pathetic foolish Carly again). Carly is voicing her opinion and Jax is voicing his, they are disagreeing about it, yet he hasn’t threatened to divorce her or thrown an object at the fireplace yet. Wow, I'm really impressed..and I don’t say this often but Carly is right here and she is making a valid point to Jax regarding Jerry. “He evidently doesn’t know what Jerry is capable of.”

When did Carly start driving? The first time she grabbed the keys and strolled out to take Morgan somewhere I thought perhaps they were her house keys but when she returned and told JAX that she drove Morgan to his playdate I realized that I didn’t have complete control over my selective amnesia trick....Apparently its flipping on and off without my knowledge..

Wow. I like angry, snappy Lucky (to pushy overbearing Amelia) so much more than sappy, clueless Lucky anyday. Man, if he could somehow keep this edge without the drugs, after the reveal comes out, we would have a great storyline and a real triangle over Liz. But of course Lucky will be made to look like the egghead, and Jason the hitman, will be the saving grace.

Yes, I agree with Craig, Lorenzo is being made to look extremely sloppy and stupid. It's called bad writing, or exiting the show soon, so no one cares. Sad part is that it’s making Skye look idiotic...and then she blows up at Lo and I'm back on her side again! Yes. I like that she unloaded on him with both barrels..About time..

I absolutely loved Sam's dream sequence. Was it me, or did Jason SNATCH the bottle out of her hand! HAAA! FUNN-eee!

I love the innuendos flying back and forth..
Sam to Jason:
Another one of your secrets...

Okay enough with the overexplaining and the attempt to brainwash the viewers because of your horrific rewrites and your inconsistent story telling. Craig, oops Jerry, is explaining it all to Jax, and us, I suppose. He shot Robin because he knew they would all rally around her. Ohh-kay, and if he shot anybody else they wouldn’t? They finally mentioned Bobbie, and the fact that Jerry knows Carly and Sonny, and the fact that he blew up his brothers hotel.. Oh, but it's okay, it was all apart of his plan, and he sent Jax on the wild goose chase to Siberia on purpose, it was a diversion to keep him safe. Uh huh, uh huh, okay I am completely reprogrammed now.

Sad and silly interchange with Carly and Lo. It's sad to me because Lo and Tamara Braun had chemistry and it appeared that King and Wright would as well if given a chance but that wasn’t allowed. So for him to angrily curse at her, I understood, for them to act like she never had a connection to the man I didn’t. Only thing that bothers me is now that Lo is leaving, Carly could have recalled one ounce of something for the man right? Nope, guess not. Yes Lo, you are right, she did step over your lifeless body to make sure Sonny was all right...and yes she is addicted to the way Sonny abuses her.

Hey what happened to the big Jason leaving the mob story. I thought that this was where we were going after the whole Alan death and ‘Jason’s a father’ big moment but he’s right back up Sonny’s butt crack again. A lifeless, soulless borg, shooting people.

Interesting predicament, but nonetheless, Sonny she’s not your wife, you cant tell Carly what to do. She’s married to Jax now.

Hmm new bodyguard is a bumbling idiot as well.. Where’s milo? On vacation with Lulu.

Yeah Maxie, your mouth is digging Coops grave. Why in your right mind would you stomp into Sonny’s office and spill all that to Jason. Ridiculous. Just tell him you know where Craig is going to be and leave it at that.

Amelia went to see Liz and even though you stomp in all mad and accusing you still don’t get that Amelia is against and not for ya huh? Still no light bulbs at all? Wow! Amelia didn’t ask any of the other surviving hostages to be on the show, and she only asked Liz AFTER you told her about Jason and the baby. Geesh! Man Sam, Amelia could sell you the Brooklyn bridge if she wanted to.

Speaking of the baby, I don’t think I like everyone (that being SAM) visiting Liz and holding the newborn. I’m a finicky mom..Or perhaps just a Sam hater..hmm I’m leaning towards the latter.

But I did love Amelia’s comeback to Sam. “I’m not the one talking, you are! Why don’t you lay off the booze otherwise you’re gonna blurt it out to whomever is sitting next to you at the bar.” That was rich! It was an excellent redirect, with wonderful usage of Sam’s low self-esteem, her insecurities, her immature behavior, and her obvious lack of self control, all balled up and tossed together. Perfecto!

Amelia to Sam:
Even a tiny little thing as you.
How condescending, how obvious, what a gal!

And yet another zinger…
“Frank here is a pro, and so are you.” Tee heee.. Was I the only one who caught that veiled reference?

Wow okay. Jax went to the Quartermaine house to speak with Alexis about Jerry. Uhhh, Alan is dead because of Jerry. I think I would have called Alexis and met her elsewhere.

This has really got to be rough on Carly. I think I would have let Jason shoot Jerry. Jax cant blame her, its not her fault her best friend is a hitman, and his brother is a hostage taker. (I laugh, as I type!)

Her excuse.. “Honey you told me not to say anything. I wasn’t supposed to tell that Craig was your brother, so Jason shot him. Hey whadda ya gonna do. Let’s go have coffee..”