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June 11-15th observations

As always I’m two weeks behind but in my defense it actually makes the show that much better because out of two weeks worth (that’s ten hours people) I actually get about 2 hours of real action, storyline progression, and movement (that is of course after I FF through all the recycled scenes, Sam’s whining scenes, Maxie and Logan scheming scenes, commercials and other general fluff) and I do believe, I like GH more.

SOoo I must state that I started watching with an attitude, and whenever I do that, all my comments tend to be harsh and cynical and I say that because I just said I enjoyed the last two weeks of catch up yet it may not sound like it. onward hoooo....

SO whilst watching Kate get arrested and wet running through Sonny’s yard I kept thinking to myself, that for a woman who claims she doesn’t want any connection or anything to do with Sonny why in the heck does she keep traipsing over to his house. Though I like that she constantly points out that his children are ill-behaved, and its his fault. I soooo love that!!! Seeing as how the entire rest of the Port Charles world keeps feeding us this bull about him being such a great father (a killing, murderous, volatile, mobster one!) .

Maxie and Georgie together are quite cute. Someone finally got it, that they needed to tone down Maxie by adding some sisterly affection to her screentime. Maxie thought they went to yoga at 6:00 am and it was actually 10:00. Too cute. And I quote “Are you saying I’m not selfish enough.” she pouts to her sisters sage advise that she do something better with her life then just lay around in some mans bed waiting for him to get home.

I don’t like Logan and I don’t like this entire idiotic bet that they have going on. I do not see Maxie’s motivation at all. Because Lulu was talking to Coop? I mean why is Maxie willing to loose the “best thing” that ever happened to her (that being Coop), by sleeping with Logan AFTER he gets Lulu. The whole thing is gross.

And enough GH with all the movie rip-offs. Kate Howard is obviously mimicking Meryl Streep from the Devil wears Prada but the whole Dangerous Liaisons attempt is sadly lacking.

Another ridiculous repetitive thing I witnessed over the last two weeks. Ric was taunting Sam in the interrogation room about their sickening tryst (hold on…got a little nauseous again!) and Alexis heard it along with half the PCPD, YET Jason keeps company in this room and is confessing to all sorts of crap. The baby daddy secret should be OUT seeing as how him and Liz keep rehashing it, and then Carly comes in and asks him all sorts of questions about possible hits put out on Jerry and then flat out asks him IN the police station did he kill him? Huh? I’m not understanding the logic. Then Spinelli trips in and tells him about plans to break him out.. Hullo????? You are in the POLICE STATION!! Carly was interrogating Jason and it was cracking me up. The cops didn’t ask him any of this, but his BFF is asking him IN the police station did he or didn’t he kill Lorenzo, or Jerry. I mean hullo? Too much. Seriously discussing all this private, special, incriminating, damning material in the freakin’ INTERROGATION ROOM!!! Diane, I’m with you, these folks are nuts!

Oh, another thing I must mention, Alexis overhearing Ric recount the gory details was vile, BUT I did so enjoy him ripping into Sam and telling her a) tantrums don’t work around here and b) he’d throw her out on her Everyday Heroes butt!! Good stuff.

Old news but I still don’t understand how Jax got the police DNA report on Jerry. And those Russian mobsters. Ha. Yeah, just walk in and ask the first person you see to ID somebody. Oh-kay!

I did have to laugh at the fact that Emily wasn’t even fazed that her big brother JASON had been arrested yet again for murder charges. Pffftt, she shrugs, he’s been arrested several times. Wow..

I did so enjoy Ric giving Kate the bizness as well. That was fun to watch as she thought that could play him, but alas, only Sonny can tread all over our award winning lovable D.A. No one else.

Okay, admittance, I like Sonny and Kate. I do. I like that they are developing (or renewing) a friendship before hopping into bed. Kate makes Sonny’s scenes tolerable. But lets look at the hypocrisy that is Sonny as well, with this entire Connie Falconieri crap.

Why is he so adamant about her not using her old name. CARLY isn’t really “Carly” remember!? She supposedly stole and used her dead - who came to life and attempted to exact revenge on her as well - friend’s name. (follow that? LOL!) So what’s the big hoopla over Kate not using Connie Falconieri. Geez, and I CANNOT stand the Carly is jealous over Sonny for the 100th time go around, but I do like that Carly is jealous over Kate and Jax.

Carly and Kate sparring is high-larious. Good stuff to watch. Kate’s barbs at Carly are priceless. I think the Kate Howard portrayal is over the top, and getting a little tired, but when they line her up as Carly’s sparring partner and we get the apparent Trailer Trash vs. High Society clash, I perk right up. And for the viewer to know that Kate is really from Bensonhurst the whole time that she’s tearing into Carly just makes it that much funnier, because she KNOWS exactly how to shoot and aim those quips of hers. Laura Wright is a powerhouse and (forgot her real name) the actress playing Kate Howard doesn’t shrink in her presence. She stands toe to toe and when they stare at each other with their noses almost touching I can literally feel the catfight coming on, and I know it would be a good one. Carly’s threats don’t even faze Kate, she either ignores her, or shuts her down. I looooove it. And Kate, Diane and Alexis scenes are TREMENDOUS!!!! Please, put them together as friends, please, please, please. They can all sit around and carry on intelligent conversations and throw big words in Sonny’s face.

I greatly like Jax and Carly. He calms down her craziness without ridiculing her and embarrassing her to do it and he stays true to his own character. I like them so very much, I hate so very much the Jerry crap, and Carly’s continual insistence that he must die and pay for what he’s done - she being the epitome of hypocrisy with that comment every time it exits her mouth.

The whole entire Robin and Patrick and the baby fiasco was hilarious but its two weeks old and folks have moved on. Just to say though, they are the next supercouple. They are building a great dynamic with these two and they are a pleasure to watch. I caught myself grinning sheepishly a few times and had to hurry up and adjust my expression back to its normal GH scowl. And wow. The Robin recap of her history with Jason and Sonny, kudos, kudos, kudos, and Patrick’s understanding and his calm demeanor as he listened to her, really just melted my socks off. Good soap moments.

Another point I must make. Tequila is rough. These folks are throwing them back like its water. (it probably is, but for television sake) I definitely wouldn’t want any of this crew to operate, examine, or psychoanalyze me the next morning. Especially not brain surgeon Dr. Patrick Drake.

Georgie is a great person. And she’s not overly done, she has her own faults but she’s genuine, she recommended herself and her time and her shoulder to a young woman who basically ruined her marriage. Wow. She’s got class and humble strength. They’ll probably write her right off the show.

The whole Baldwin winning custody over Laura is so absurd it’s not even worth this mention. But enjoy your vacation Tony. Oh, Dr. Von Schemerman was funny!

Hey I have to mention I got almost three whole days of viewing in, without nay sign of Sam and Amelia, and it was splendid, but yet here we are again. So let’s leap ahead a week and a half, now that she’s going stone cold nuts and stealing babies. Ya know, I never liked the character of Sam, never did, she was tolerable at first but she’s been sickening for quite a while now, and even with that opinion of her I feel sorry for the MUTILATION of this character. It’s horrendous. But the spin is nuts. Now that Sonny knows and he’s running absolutely all over town telling everyone about Sam being a con woman, I have to agree with Jason not immediately accepting this farce from Amelia.

And Ric suddenly is saying all sorts of insightful things about Sam’s loyalties like he knew from the start that she was a con. C’mon. First off, if she were latching onto gullible men, why in the world would she have picked Sonny? That bama is volatile, explosive, and a murderer; Sonny should definitely have not been a mark. Dumb. And two, Amelia admits to not knowing her father all that well and spending absolutely no time with him yeeetttt she’s willing to go through all of this to avenge his death. It sounds more and more like Amelia’s daddy was volatile too and Sam was justified in the self defense plea. Sheesh… Ya know what I’ll tell you this, if all this bed hopping and clingy flip flopping that Sam has been pulling, can be attributed to a con then sorry to say, her character would finally make some sense and then all of this foolishness can be explained away and wiped clean.

And though I’m all for the push Liz and Jason back together. I am truly; it still doesn’t make sense for Liz to be running back and forth to the police station to see her baby daddy, when she’s trying to keep the secret from her COP husband! Hello??!!! I mean she wasn’t there for her husband and her in-laws when the verdict came down about their catatonic mother yet she found the time to visit the hitman.

Miscellaneous Mentions:
Hey Milo, Tan MUCH??

Sonny and Kate:
A woman in your position.”
“What position is that?”
“Half naked in my living room

Kate Darling your walking around the man’s house in only a shirt, its safe to say that folks are going to assume you’re sleeping with the rooster of the roost. Did those pajamas not come with bottoms?

I love the way Diane gives Sonny and Jason the what for. And she offers the same advise to Kate as Alexis, how hilarious. Sell now, even at a loss!

Why does Lainey feel that Robin and Patrick won’t last? And Lainey needs a softer haircut, that dark blunt cut makes her look way harsh.

Why does everyone keep pushing Dr. Lee and Patrick towards each other. We know she’ll be the skank that he eventually beds, to put a temporary fly in the ointment that is Robin and Patrick’s happiness. Can we be a little more subtle about it though.

Milo to Sonny:
You might as well fire me now!”

I agree with Bernie. Oh no not again! About Sonny being distracted by Kate.

And last but not least. That little Monica moment made me pause and tear up a bit.. Wow..even in silent moments the Q’s can move you.

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