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Good Soap..June 5, 2007

I enjoyed GH last week. Tuesday through Thursday episodes were really good..Here are my viewing thoughts whilst watching..

On Monday:
Did they just have Amelia admit in her onscreen dialogue that they were indeed dropping the horrendously stupid “revenge against Sam” pretense that blew her into town. Thank you.

Liz wearing a GH t-shirt was truly cute. I love that Liz has such normalcy to her life. She does laundry, she takes her kids to the park, she works a regular 9 to 5. You need one semi-realistic character for balance (yes, I am purposely being oblivious to the whole my baby daddy is a hitman thang at the moment!).

Sonny is jealous of Spinelli! The Pachino-esque One. HA! He is mad that Jason has a new male love…PRICELESS! He truly can't stand that someone else keeps Jason’s secrets, and spends more time with Jase than he does. And its someone who he cant manipulate, sleep with, or even threaten (as we see) into submission.

To berate Spinelli is just rude though. Sonny is a grown man, WITH children, the fact that he is ripping into this kid and OFFERING HIM LIQUOR (what the??) shows the low character of this clown. Though (as usual I flip flop) their entire interaction was HIGH-larious. It was very good, with Spinelli babbling and Sonny’s lack of comprehension and patience.

Sonny and Spinelli:
I don’t know if your doing this to deflect me, or you just cant help being a freak.
Spinelli to Sonny:
Friends, don’t fit friends for cement keyboards, do they?”

Okay Mr. Craig is not Jerry Jax, though he looks the exact same, and sounds the exact same?

This lackluster effort is the best they can do to back peddle out of this stupid storyline? Seriously, this is the best explanation that they could offer the viewers? So now EVERYONE in the freaking town is absolutely nuts? Ohhh unfortunately he got the same plastic surgeon as a hostage taking freak who just happened to be in little ole Port Charles a month before he arrived into town, none the wiser? This is so horrible, it’s sad and its insulting. Yet again I reiterate I love the actor playing Craig (I wish he would have just stayed Craig- perhaps he could have been a long lost cousin to Jax instead of this garbage) but turning him into Jerry and then letting him traipse all over town is ludicrous. It would have made more sense for Alexis to just get him acquitted of the charges, perhaps through a legal loophole, or from his old alliances bribing a judge, anything but this is simply awful.

For a brief moment Ric and Alexis were able to converse, and I saw a glimpse of Rexis and then…you could see the animosity flicker across Alexis face and it turned back into “Ric must always be portrayed as vile!” Personally, and I could be wrong, but ISNT Ric Molly’s FATHER??? I mean did I miss something..It’s not like he’s Scott Baldwin who is suing for a woman whom he married 30 years ago? Ric is the father, and he doesn’t attempt to keep Alexis from seeing her so I’m not getting the Ric is so horrific and Alexis is so justified theme, that is going on.. I like Ric, even when he's the villain (I hated that he slept with Sam!!) I like his complexity, his duality, I think they could have played that up more instead of portraying him as this cartoon character. Rick Hearst plays his part WELL and I think that that is the only saving grace to Ric Lansing..wiat..How did I get off into that whole interlude..never mind…

Bobby and Scotty..Good moment..Good conversation, good use of history and good chemistry..Too bad we won’t get anymore of it, it was a powerful moment and a welcome deviation from the ridiculous fluff that is the norm.

Sams big revelation on how to restore her ruined relationship is …Dun da da dun…take a hitman on a picnic! What a twit..This passive aggressive crap is sickening..

Hmm I’ve never seen (or cant remember) seeing Lesley get emotional with Nikolas and I liked it, it was touching.

Thank you Edward for not falling for Skye’s pleading tears to be reunited with the Quartermaines. I like Skye but she shall remain an outcast for her part in Alan’s demise.

Is Skye putting the moves on Ric, or does every conversation that Robin Christopher has with the opposite sex look like flirting?

Sonny is accusing Jason of being sloppy and distracted. How ridiculous.. He who has the attention span of a gnat, especially when a skirt is involved..Pfffttt..

They are trying to clean Liz up again by allowing her to admit that she “spiraled” out of control last year, also. Hers was not as apparent as Lucky’s but nonetheless, she says. Mind you, I like the spin, I want Liz to be redeemed but…are we supposed to forget the longing looks at Jason and the admittance that she loved him?

What the??!! Why is it that anyone can just waltz into the mobster and the hitman’s office? And for no important reason whatsoever!!! Sam storms in and interrupts biz-ness because she wants to go on a picnic?? And Sonny just sits there looking at her, while Jason stares out into space..oohhh kay.

Sonny’s continual niggling and repeated mention of Jason’s “secret pain” is so petty, seeing as how that same Jason has stuck by him through numerous emotional traumas and breakdowns..Hid his secrets, even juggled his mistresses and wives (sickening) but now that Jason is having a bit of an issue, all he can do is yell at him for not being focused..Jason's father just died, perhaps he’s having difficulty getting over that…I mean where’s the support for him..Nada, Nathan..Oh but its okay to come over and shoot down a freaking statue from a helicopter because evidently that is important as well, as long as it gets Sonny into Kate’s pants..BLECCCCHHHHH!

Why are they changing Maxie’s look? I preferred her short sassy look it complimented her snippy short self centered attitude.

Sam constantly stomping off every 2 seconds is ridiculous and immature…and she wants a child?? She’s too busy being a child her self at the moment to have one in her care..

Tracey is so strong and awesome as a wife to Luke and as a caring stepmom to Lulu.

Go Alexis (in the courtroom)!!! Oh, I’m so glad that they have moved away from that cancer storyline, it dragged on for eternity. Hey Sam have you called your mom at all lately? Nah of course not.

“Ketchup with your carbs?” Amelia to Sam..Too funny. Sam is a blithering idiot.

Hold up did I hear that correctly, did the blithering idiot just say out of her hypocritical crooked mouth , “considering all the lies that Liz is keeping.” Hullo? I know that they have temporarily pushed aside the Amelia thang (till next week I hear) but is Sam delirious.. 5 Husbands and the murder of a man, not coming to mind at the moment, eh?

How sad it is that Amelia has to be the one to point out the truth to psychotic Sam. Man I have some great names for this chick. Sickening Sam, Psychotic Sam, Sad Sam, ahh the list is endless..Ouch I just had a moment of realization of how mean I’m being..I felt bad. I’m sure Kelly Monaco is doing the best with what they give her to portray but the CHARACTER and not the person playing the fictional character is written to be horrendous. Sorry KM.

Turning pages, I love the maturity of Luke and Nikolas and the fact that the Spencer has genuine affection for this Cassadine spawn, seeing as how he is the child of his beloved Laura.

Logan is unimportant and obnoxious. Why do they insist on putting him in our face so much? Drop him and move on to another storyline already geesh.

How does Jerry/Craig know that the commissioner’s daughter is oversexed..Ohh, its that obvious huh?

Julie Berman is a POWER HOUSE! I was glad she was off the canvas for a minute and after watching the court scene and the interaction with Tony Geary afterwards I am thrilled that she is back. She is awesome. In her own storyline, and not running back and forth to Jason’s penthouse every ten minutes, telling him that he must keep the secret of Jakes paternity to save Lucky. When she recoiled from her dad’s touch, I was done for… I mean I was snotting, crying, reaching for the box of tissues.

Lulu to Luke:
“We’re in it, you might as well go all the way, so to speak.” Lulu to Luke about the gory details of the rape.

Thursday’s episode was tremendous! Them sitting on opposite ends of the bench as Luke regurgitated the horrid tale, spoke volumes. Nicely done.. I felt Luke’s heart breaking as he watched Lulu walk away.

Okay! Sam is officially NUTS!! Now Jason and Liz’s baby should be hers? Huh, what, how in the world? Oh-kay in her world of confused logic, where all things surround and must relate to her, this makes sense that the baby should be hers seeing as how its Jason’s biological child and she naturally would make a better mother than Liz…Bwaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..Oh man. I need another tissue. They have to make this character have a complete mental breakdown to explain her irrational behavior, and then slowly redeem the character.

They have completely ruined street savvy Sam, and nothing but a complete wipe can bring her back, and of course if you allow her Mom to assist her in rebuilding her life she might be salvageable. That way we can then explore her Cassadine roots and delve deeper into her character instead of coming up with these ridiculous story plots and tossing them onto their pet project. Otherwise there is just no way to make any sense out of the nonsense that is Sam unless you just kill her off the show in Mob gunfire altogether, and be done with it..(that’s me wiping my hands!)

Hmmm, Jerry likes Carly or is it just remarkable chemistry that I see between Roche and Wright. Two very awesome actors.

You know I’m getting uncomfortable with Alexis REPEATEDLY telling Jax that she loves him. I did enjoy her support of him and their friendship but this is going a bit overboard.

Hmmm in Jerry’s (boring) flashbacks of him and Irena, why didn’t we see his old face? Ha ha.. Hasn’t he only had this face for a year or even less a few months? Oh, never mind I’m trying to make sense out a senseless story.

It doesn’t strike Mac as odd that Ric is INSISTING on the recorder being analyzed? And man it miraculously has Lo accusing his nemesis Jason Morgan of his murder. How convenient.

Jerry/Craig to Carly:
True to your nature, you’ve missed the point. (funny and quite true!) I like him so much!

Love is disposable, survival isn’t.

Jerry/Craig sounds more like a Corinthos sibling than a Jax brother at this point.

Sam to Jason:
“I’ve never really understood until now, how selfish you really are.” ** Long astonished pause, my mouth hanging open in shock** I'm officially speechless.

Okay Lulu, in regards to talking to Carly. Her mother was a prostitute, and her father was a john, she is a product of the poor choices that your father and her mother dealt with early on in life, so therefore she’s not one who will be particularly biased or opinionated about Luke and Laura or “the rape.” Good speech on forgiveness though, very good speech.

How awesome was it that Spinelli ran out of the door to see about the Blonde One before Jason could even finish his sentence. This kid is great, super, wonderful, awesome, tremendous, umm hold on I’m going to go to the thesaurus and find some more good adjectives. In a nutshell he’s a delight to watch. Plus he didn’t crack when grilled by Corinthos and that right there shows his caliber.

Spin to Lulu:
Just know that I am here. Your friend for life, ready to help in whatever way you need.

Last week was great..Well Tuesday through Thursday’s episodes were great, I was engrossed and moved and then the moment was completely shattered when they cut back to Sam and her foolishness! But oh well.. Friday’s episode was odd, very choppy and did not have the same romance and themes as the previous three days.. but overall it was a good soap viewing week..


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