Tuesday, May 22, 2007

No LULU all week..yet there was plenty SAM!


As much as I love the girl.. I'm sorry I seriously have to say hip hip hooray! It was good to not see Lulu! I was so very tired of seeing her, get thrown into everybodies storyline.

Secondly..1st Amelia is sooo sooo much better..Yes, we know, the storyline still stinks... but still old Amelia (can a character already be old who has only been on the show for what, 3 months?) is so much better than that bug eyed creature that temporarily replaced her.

On to the dish...

Luke to Tracey:
Between the undead and the 'wish they were dead' this town is getting pretty crowded..

Ha ha ..Luke makes my day.. He can only be on for two minutes, and have three lines but what ever comes out of his mouth usually tickles me. Even though I hate his storyline as well. Well I don’t really hate it but it just doesn’t make any sense. Sadly none of the current storylines make any sense but that rant is going to come a little later..

Tracey to Luke:
...Scott says I haven’t gotten the best of you either, that’s why he keeps pushing me to double cross you.

Luke to Tracey
..your in public, you know better than to argue with the bar stools.

These two are why I tune in. And lookie there Alan made it out of the Q living room and out of that chair.

And when Luke went to the hospital to visit the baby, and kissed Liz on her forehead, I oohhed and aahhed and melted and then, yet again I recalled the hypocrisy of the entire storyline, and shut down (not on Luke of course!). Once this comes out and it blows his "cowboys" world to pieces Luke will be calling Liz a different kind of mother.

Now on to the list of conversations, NOT TO HAVE!!

Liz and Jason...If you're hiding the dern paternity, why stand in her hospital room and consistently say, my baby, our child, your the mother of my baby. Thank you for your sacrifice and giving up your child.

But the award for stupid conversations goes to none other than SAM!! Anything that comes out of Sam's mouth is just blatantly hilariously ridiculous. Ya mean to tell me that as SOON as Amelia walks up, it all spills.. In 2.9 seconds and she wasn’t even drunk yet. This verbal diarrhea just flowed from what? Some connection she has to her producer??? Hello??? And wait, the fact that she has the audacity to have an ATTITUDE at Jason. I'm going to forget the horrific, horrendous, absolutely atrocious things that she has done in her short 3-4 year tenure on the show and I'm going to pretend that she is innocent and has every right to be upset, angry, betrayed and belittled by "her Jason," "there's my Jason"... But... Is she not hiding from him at this very moment the fact that she was married 5 times before? Ahh, that selective amnesia that she has is so awesome. I have it to, in regards to these stupid moments. I mean Jason forgave the fact that she SLEPT with her stepfather and yet...she's indignant about the Liz baby thang. I'm thankful that she finally realizes that he did it, to salvage her self-centered slimy feelings, seeing as how he was going to tell her all about the baby, but she spewed the fact that she couldn’t have kids before he could get it out.

Moving on:
I've decided that I like the Jax brothers. I want a new dynamic on the show, so I'm willing to completely forget (i'm making good use of that selective amnesia thang arent i?) the horrid hostage crisis, bombing of the hotel, poisioning of Nikolas foolishness , just to have a new character on (old character back?-I’m so confused!) that involves the Jax family. Now when the writers turn him into Sonny's whipping boy, I'll be disgusted and loose interest, but if they keep up the development between Jax and Carly, I'll invest some viewing time.

Okay, I was liking...wait, well hold on..I was not hating Kate and Sonny.. The little trip down memory lane was idiotic, and it also blows their initial meeting to bits seeing as how NOW she admits that she instantly recognized him (why would she come back then? instead of going next door to GH to make her dern call???) but when we went to the dimples...THEY LOST ME..

PLEASE, please, please, can someone tell these writers that a grown man, 40 something years old, dimples are no longer cute or an attraction. Who in the upper offices has this fascination with dimples, for petes sake? It's sickening! Benard is a handsome man, yes, we get it, but if its continually spoon fed to us (read - shoved down our throats) we collectively turn and start to despise the characteristic. I am sick of the mention of that dern mans facial muscle defect!!! Dimples are cute on kids, dimples do not attract secret agents (Reese) and fashion divas (Kate) to a known mobsters.. On a middle aged man they are assumed to be wrinkles!!! Would you PLEASE stop this foolishness already.. They do not have the magnetic power to turn strong women into mush, and instantly cause their underwear to fly off!!!!!!!!!! **breathe** ** breathe** whew sorry.. andddd...

Having a grown woman prance around in high heels playing a juvenile game does it for Sonny, eh? I'm waiting for him to suggest the parochial school girl uniform soon and demand she put that on as well in return for the dern flash drive.

Okay Sam blatantly said to Jason, "do you want me or your babies mother" and yet....we act like that was not comprehended at all by Jason. Hmmm, no instant uh-oh "she knows" thoughts at all, eh? And then when he point blank asks her, the deflection was a good attempt on her part, but Jason should have caught on that she knew. Why the bender? Why the baby drama and comments? C'mon writers, PTB, somebody?

When Carly was claiming that Jason could confide in her, I cracked up and then pleaded with the TV for him not to do it...Do not tell her about Liz and the baby!! Thank goodness his temporary brain functionality didn’t fizzle out on that moment, because he knows SHE HATES Liz and that would have been a fiasco. Redirect back to her, that's all it takes for Carly... and Sam. Jason I'm begging you hurry up and get together with Liz, the women in your life are leeches!

Another conversation I don’t think I'll ever have in my lifetime:

Carly to Jax:
Whether your brother gets away or my dearest, dearest friend kills him....

Sheesh, did no one find that disturbing but me? I know I'm a GH hypocrite, because I love the Jason and I also like bad girl Carly (on occasion and sans Sonny) but for some reason that conversation just struck me as soooo out of place and disturbing. But I did thoroughly enjoy the husband and wife dynamic of Carly and Jax. They discussed the matter! Wow. Go figure. I wish Sonny could have seen that. He wouldn’t have known what it wa,s so never mind. But an actual married couple having a rough patch (yes forgo the fact that it’s about a surgically altered hostage taking brother) and they are hashing out the details, one another’s feelings and the consequences of their actions. How absolutely refreshing. One person isnt being used just to prop up the other (i.e. Big bad Sonny and poor pathetic foolish Carly again). Carly is voicing her opinion and Jax is voicing his, they are disagreeing about it, yet he hasn’t threatened to divorce her or thrown an object at the fireplace yet. Wow, I'm really impressed..and I don’t say this often but Carly is right here and she is making a valid point to Jax regarding Jerry. “He evidently doesn’t know what Jerry is capable of.”

When did Carly start driving? The first time she grabbed the keys and strolled out to take Morgan somewhere I thought perhaps they were her house keys but when she returned and told JAX that she drove Morgan to his playdate I realized that I didn’t have complete control over my selective amnesia trick....Apparently its flipping on and off without my knowledge..

Wow. I like angry, snappy Lucky (to pushy overbearing Amelia) so much more than sappy, clueless Lucky anyday. Man, if he could somehow keep this edge without the drugs, after the reveal comes out, we would have a great storyline and a real triangle over Liz. But of course Lucky will be made to look like the egghead, and Jason the hitman, will be the saving grace.

Yes, I agree with Craig, Lorenzo is being made to look extremely sloppy and stupid. It's called bad writing, or exiting the show soon, so no one cares. Sad part is that it’s making Skye look idiotic...and then she blows up at Lo and I'm back on her side again! Yes. I like that she unloaded on him with both barrels..About time..

I absolutely loved Sam's dream sequence. Was it me, or did Jason SNATCH the bottle out of her hand! HAAA! FUNN-eee!

I love the innuendos flying back and forth..
Sam to Jason:
Another one of your secrets...

Okay enough with the overexplaining and the attempt to brainwash the viewers because of your horrific rewrites and your inconsistent story telling. Craig, oops Jerry, is explaining it all to Jax, and us, I suppose. He shot Robin because he knew they would all rally around her. Ohh-kay, and if he shot anybody else they wouldn’t? They finally mentioned Bobbie, and the fact that Jerry knows Carly and Sonny, and the fact that he blew up his brothers hotel.. Oh, but it's okay, it was all apart of his plan, and he sent Jax on the wild goose chase to Siberia on purpose, it was a diversion to keep him safe. Uh huh, uh huh, okay I am completely reprogrammed now.

Sad and silly interchange with Carly and Lo. It's sad to me because Lo and Tamara Braun had chemistry and it appeared that King and Wright would as well if given a chance but that wasn’t allowed. So for him to angrily curse at her, I understood, for them to act like she never had a connection to the man I didn’t. Only thing that bothers me is now that Lo is leaving, Carly could have recalled one ounce of something for the man right? Nope, guess not. Yes Lo, you are right, she did step over your lifeless body to make sure Sonny was all right...and yes she is addicted to the way Sonny abuses her.

Hey what happened to the big Jason leaving the mob story. I thought that this was where we were going after the whole Alan death and ‘Jason’s a father’ big moment but he’s right back up Sonny’s butt crack again. A lifeless, soulless borg, shooting people.

Interesting predicament, but nonetheless, Sonny she’s not your wife, you cant tell Carly what to do. She’s married to Jax now.

Hmm new bodyguard is a bumbling idiot as well.. Where’s milo? On vacation with Lulu.

Yeah Maxie, your mouth is digging Coops grave. Why in your right mind would you stomp into Sonny’s office and spill all that to Jason. Ridiculous. Just tell him you know where Craig is going to be and leave it at that.

Amelia went to see Liz and even though you stomp in all mad and accusing you still don’t get that Amelia is against and not for ya huh? Still no light bulbs at all? Wow! Amelia didn’t ask any of the other surviving hostages to be on the show, and she only asked Liz AFTER you told her about Jason and the baby. Geesh! Man Sam, Amelia could sell you the Brooklyn bridge if she wanted to.

Speaking of the baby, I don’t think I like everyone (that being SAM) visiting Liz and holding the newborn. I’m a finicky mom..Or perhaps just a Sam hater..hmm I’m leaning towards the latter.

But I did love Amelia’s comeback to Sam. “I’m not the one talking, you are! Why don’t you lay off the booze otherwise you’re gonna blurt it out to whomever is sitting next to you at the bar.” That was rich! It was an excellent redirect, with wonderful usage of Sam’s low self-esteem, her insecurities, her immature behavior, and her obvious lack of self control, all balled up and tossed together. Perfecto!

Amelia to Sam:
Even a tiny little thing as you.
How condescending, how obvious, what a gal!

And yet another zinger…
“Frank here is a pro, and so are you.” Tee heee.. Was I the only one who caught that veiled reference?

Wow okay. Jax went to the Quartermaine house to speak with Alexis about Jerry. Uhhh, Alan is dead because of Jerry. I think I would have called Alexis and met her elsewhere.

This has really got to be rough on Carly. I think I would have let Jason shoot Jerry. Jax cant blame her, its not her fault her best friend is a hitman, and his brother is a hostage taker. (I laugh, as I type!)

Her excuse.. “Honey you told me not to say anything. I wasn’t supposed to tell that Craig was your brother, so Jason shot him. Hey whadda ya gonna do. Let’s go have coffee..”

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