Tuesday, June 26, 2007

June 25th GH viewing notes

Father’s Day barbeque, Jax gets more attention then Sonny and a better gift, yadda yadda yadda, Baby Jake is still missing. Crying, wailing and astonishment…Tuesday’s episode Jason is brought in to see his lawyer, oh wow she’s not there but Liz is, and he gets all the details on baby Jake, and then... JASON VS. LUCKY WHOAAAAAAA…..that was good stuff!

When Jason shouted at Lucky to just leave if he wasn’t going to support Liz..wow…and Liz cowered behind Jason.. YUMMY. I likes this very, very much. I think Jason vs Lucky would be wonderful if they just didn’t turn Lucky into a pill popping blithering idiot to do it. Lucky is the one who has been mislead here, lied to and deceived and they need to capitalize on that. They will prop up Jason and make him look like the great saint (a fine sexy, oh so muscular saint he is!) for giving up his child but still Lucky is not wrong here, Jason and Liz are, and that needs to be fleshed out. Jason is still super sexy though when he stands up for a woman (who’s not actually his woman!) rrrrrrawwwwwlllll…

When Lucky slammed into the interrogation room and got in Jason’s face about telling Liz not to talk to Dr. Winters and Mac, I (who utterly adore and love the sexy Jason) was whooping and rooting for Lucky!! He has a valid point. If Liz refuses to talk, she looks guilty (see that’s why Jason doesn’t talk because he usually is guilty of said crime!!!) but if she had of been a willing participant, it would have eliminated her as a suspect. And I know that they are trying to paint Lucky as the jerk, and have him push Liz into Jason’s waiting arms, but yet again, I must side with Lucky here. No, he shouldn’t have blamed Liz but he is the (supposed!) father he has a right to panic, and feel mad, and feel upset, and angry, and lash out, because his (supposed!-ha ha) son has been kidnapped. For them to act like Lucky is ohhh so wrong for loosing it, is idiotic.

Here we go again with Lulu standing in the middle of somebody else’s living room shrieking about somebody else’s business. Just support your family and shut your mouth sweetheart.

Okay, Carly is across town being all emotional, spouting off about a non-existent Jerry after watching the TV report about the boy being kidnapped but that’s it. No call, no support, no jumping up and running over to the house, nothing. Um, where’s all that cuz’n crap that you were spouting to Lucky when you wanted to get into the interrogation room? Geesh.

Why is Lulu even entertaining conversation with Logan? It’s written all over her face that she loves Spinelli. Ohhh, is that where they are going with this. After she breaks Spinelli’s heart when she sleeps with (yuck!!) Logan, then she’ll realize her heart belongs to Spinelli. Okay.. Well at least Lulu isn’t INSTANTLY falling for Logan. As a matter of fact she treats him like gum on the bottom of her shoe most of the time, intriguing.

Sam having a delivery of baby clothes sent to the dern penthouse! All-right enough already. We get it, it obviously wasn’t her who kidnapped him, and she’ll be looking even more delusional down the line as to why she ordered these clothes when it comes out that she’s innocent. Bllecccchhh….

Funny to me, Jason says that he hates to do this..But in 2.9 seconds flat, he’s giving directions to tail Sam and tap her phone.. Ha..Sounds like you didn’t hate to do it at all, Jase.

Okay, they are making Lucky look like an absolute obnoxious jerk. Now he doesn’t even know Liz, wasn’t he and Liz together since they were kids, now he never really knew her or loved her? C’mon, you don’t have to massacre their history just to put her and Jason together temporarily. Sheesh.

Here we go more Jason propping (though I love him and want Liz to run to his understanding, forgiving, supporting, loving, protective, muscular, yummy arms!!!) I hate to see them do this to you Lucky.. and now more Lulu propping and Maxie deprivation.

Amelia’s two step and back peddling and double talk is frustrating and amusing all at the same time. One minute I hate her and want to smack her teeth out of her mouth the next, I love that she’s putting Sam through the ringer. I get it now. I’m the basket case, not the GH writers.. It’s me!!!

Jax is soo dern foinne.. Man, I just thought I needed to mention that!

I love Alexis. She’s such a good friend to Jax even though she cannot stand his current wife!
Keep in mind that I’m flypaper for the psychotics.” Funny line.

Maxie and Logan continuously discussing this stupid horrific bet to bed both girls is disgusting.

DIANE IS FAB-U-LOUS!!! Sonny must be paying her seven figures to put up with the Corinthos crap.

I admit it, I’m fickle. I hate the character of Sam, but I like good story telling and continuity so I don’t agree with Jason “turning” so quickly against her. He should have clung on longer than a week after hearing “the con” story. I know that his baby being kidnapped is heavily swaying his decision, but the character of Jason, if he’s anything, it's freaking loyal to a fault. Only after it was revealed that Sam actually stole the baby should he have dropped her like a hot potato. But hey let me stop complaining. I’m getting what I want.. MY Jason away from SAM!!! Yeah…

Oh no, that wasnt baby Jake..Ohhh Jason’s watery eyes move me!!! Along with his pecs!

Drunk Sam is freaking ridiculous!!!! Even more so than regular Sam. Drunk Sam getting ripped by Carly. Good times. Man, I can’t wait until Carly finds out about this kid either, she’s gonna loose it! She does secretly love and want Jason, he just doesn’t want her, that’s why she has regulated herself to being just his best friend. Ughhh, they sound so grade school when they constantly spout that crap. Jason and Carly are best friends. Grow up already, pleez..

Drunk Sam at Liz’s door. Ohh-kay. I like when these two go at it though because Liz is no shrinking violet, she puffs up and blows when pushed too far. Yeah Sam, just get out..and then she runs to the station to blurt (nothing!) to Lucky. Pffffttt..Sam, Sam go away don’t come back another day! (now who is acting grade school?!) tee hee.

Hey, where did the hotel get those huge wine goblets from. I want a set of those.

Wait if Jake didn’t cry when “someone” stole him then it couldn’t have been Sam. He screams and hollers every time her spastic tail comes near him!

What a lackluster apology from Lucky to Liz.

Thursday- I LOVED all the interchanges especially between Diane, Sonny and Spinelli (actually Diane and everyone!)..Just too many to write down..But

Diane to Sonny about Spinelli:
“You’ve gotta translate.” And her looks are priceless.

Quartermaines as usual are hilarious. After they have Tracey carted off to the looney bin, they sit in the living room just chillin’. Dillon realizes something is wrong with this picture and it’s the fact that his mother is missing from it. Too funny.

Lainey should take the deal that Tracey is offering her. A year’s worth of salary to get her out, where do I sign?

Logan should turn out to be Ric’s son. Now that would be interesting as well, seeing as how he’s so pressed to work for Sonny. And Amelia and Ric have chemistry as well, and the brother’s continually share women, so hey, why stop now. Just give Ric his own storyline already!

I’m sorry for that sharing women comment it was a particularly low brand of debauchery..ANYHOW….till next week!!!! HOLLA!!!!

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Candy said...

I just heard that AMC and GH have been canceled. I am so mad. I have watched these programs since I was a child. My grandmother God rest her soul would be mad as well. Every day watching for years. They say people want talk or Reality TV, well that will be the last thing I ever watch. I hate that kind of program.

I say boycott ABC.