Monday, November 30, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving..after the fact..

Hmm..So much to say ..So many thoughts. Where do I begin? Let's start off with something nice.

So GH REMEMBERED Thanksgiving this year! Yeah..That's a plus right there. Wednesday's episode was nice.

Okay thats all the good that I can come up. The rest is not totally hate, there's a mix of confusion and angst thrown in as well..

Sam. Disgusts me when she is with Jason! I just cannot tolerate the character consistently propping up Jason and the fact that he is a hitman. And again I must always state. I AM A JASON FAN. But I cannot stomach Sam teling him that he is good. He is not good. He's a killer. And no he doesnt just kill people who've got it coming (to quote Sonny) he kills WHOMEVER he is assigned to kill per orders. I hated Sam when they were together back in the day and rejoiced when they separated. I wait. sorry thats too much. I was able to watch her with Lucky and I think that was do part to GV's fooiiiness (emphasis intentionally added). I then did begin to like her again when she gained some sense, some independence, relocated her spine, and got more involved with her sisters and her mother (the awesome Alexis). I even enjoy when she and Alexis dont get along and they bicker like mothers and daughters do..I cannot (sorry for the repetition) stand it when she flutters around Jason, unable to talk without wringing her hands or twirling her hair, or biting her lower lip. STOP ITTTTTTT!!! That is not innocent flirtation, she looks like an imbecile and it irks me to no end and I have to fast forward my Jason scenes. UGH the horror.

Another anger moment. So the writing is apparently on the wall (no pun intended regarding Franco, I'll get to that) about Johnny and Olivia's demise. Ugh, another Sonny tryst. I'm sorry but who in thier right minds would chose Sonny over Johnny? Brandon Barash has been rocking every scene, from anger to betrayal to grief back to smoldering sensuality. HE ROCKS! oh..sorry I'll calm down. Sonny just stutters, forgets his lines (sorry Maurice) blathers away and repeats the same dialogue every other week. Olivia was tolerable with Johnny Z, she'll be out on her end as soon as Sonny is finished..with that end per se. For further proof of this see his ex, her cousin Kate!

Please, please, please, IDIOTS in charge do not get rid of BB. He is awesome.

So whilst I'm fuming about the Falconeri's can anyone tell me why Dante would want Lulu? Her blathering is going to get him killed and I'm pissed to no end that Dante's going to turn and be an apologist for Sonny and the mob (but hey even though we prayed we - the fans- knew it was going to happen - so I've always been sort of waiting for that crap to drop, so eh I'm prepared for it I guess) but why Dante is even speaking to LULU is a complete mystery to me. Let alone still romantically inclined towards the idiot.

This chick, WHOSE BROTHER IS A COP, (sorry for yelling) runs to Sonny to shoot him hypothetical's..Uh.. so.. what if.. someone has information on you and uh...would you kill them?  Loving mob boss? How freaking stupid was that? So Sonny evades the question by asking his own questions (oh sorry he DID say he wouldn't kill her and Lucky due to Luke) but that conveniently left a bullseye on Dominic now didn't it? Ridiculous. The storyline, as usual, started good and now to accomodate the hallowed mob and Sonny is turning into a train wreck. Any and every where, they all discuss that Dominic/Dante is an undercover cop, now even Johhny knows (which I'm happy about if it gives him more storyline but still! C'mon). Let's count now, there's big mouth Jax, and can't handle her booze Kate, and Lulu is so completely off the hook I can't even locate an adjective to describe her, and his horrid friend/cop/partner whatever. He annoyed me so as well that I can't recall his name either. Consistently coming to Dante's hospital bed reminding him that he was a cop and BRINGING his badge to reMIND him of the fact.  My head hurts...

Nik and Liz. No comment. Not a fan but looking too see how it plays out.

Nu/old Lucky. JJ. Hmmm. I'm not enthralled.  The fact that he CONSTANTLY shakes his head (as if he's saying no to everything) when he conveys emotion IRKS THE FOOL out of me. I do think his acting is better than GV (don't know if thats due to the writing or not) but I now understand Lucky's motivations more. I feel the tension amidst him and his father's strained relationship. Though TG literally preens and smiles whenever they are in a scene together and its all over his face that he apparently prefers JJ. Geesh Tony.

JJ rocks his scenes with Elizabeth, I wasn't around for the youthful declarations of love but he makes me feel like I was there for the first go round. AND he's allowed to have some sense and be a GOOD no sorry a great cop. He actually finds clues and evidence and he interrogates Jason. I'm shocked and a little giddy. Again, I don't know if I like him or not because that twitching thing drives me to distraction, but the new strength of the "character" Lucky I am enjoying very much and if the credit is to be thrown at JJ's feet, then so be it. Kudos!

On to Franco! Yeah. An artist whose canvas is murder. Guza needs Jesus. He is seriously in need of deliverance and therapy. I enjoyed Franco and I was amused at the pet project, as they immediately threw him into scenes with all their big wigs. His scene with Benard was short and sweet. Thankfully. MB smiled, preened, and pimped out the door. Worked for me. Now that overly pretensious scene with Luke? What the hay? I was like huh? What in the world is Luke talking about? I mean I understood the words but I was like what the, why the, and who the heck wrote this crap? What was the point but to make sure they have screencaps of the legendary soap actor Tony Geary with the slumming movie star..LOL. Sorry, it was hilarious to me at TG's expense. Please Luke go back to imposing on the Quartermaines, that role suits you so much better.

Maxie and Franco. First of all. Girlfriend I aint mad at you. Hey I'm sorry. But if I was KS I would be thrilled out of my..socks! Ha to be allowed to "work" with him. And unlike many others who felt that this was a horrendous foolish move that basically torched the Spixie romance for nothing I disagree. Maxie is the "bad girl" that we love to hate and love to love because she is openly shallow, frank with Jason (!!!) consistently rips the mob and does not act as if they are anything but. She was redeemed from the horrendous pregnancy pillow, drug supplier to an addict storyline, to a much more soapy traditional adulterous affair. Though, recall her and Spinelli are not married. His heartbreak will spiral into an affair with another and they will separate and reconnect stronger then ever down the line..Eventually..Its much more interesting then them separating over her career.

Franco in general. I mean there's nothing to invest in. He's handsome, nice eye candy, a monkey in the wrench of a few relationships (probably Sonny's and Jason's mostly) but he'll be gone soon so why get worked up emotionally (IMO). Enjoy the view, while you can, he'll be gone soon and we will be back to mobfest at noon. But I must reiterate.

Guza seriously, he asked to be an artist. That was his only stipulation... and THIS CRAP is what you came up with. Hmmm...Let's see..You're big coo JJ is back and his woman, Liz,  is an artist. Wow. Look at that he could have interacted with Liz, and Lucky but no... You would rather have him drawing people with chalk outlines and taking pictures of Jason killing people. Again..Dude you need help!


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