Friday, October 23, 2009

Hot Couples..Not Couples

So I watched last night my DVR'ed episodes of GH. Again, unlike most of the GH posters, I enjoyed the show. Yes, its not the glory of the old days but once you put that dead dream to bed then you can begin to enjoy (tolerate) what we have now.

Johnny and Olivia are, wow, hotter than hot. WOW! Again. Though Johnny being completely oblivious to any connection at all between Dominic and Olivia, though Dominic is at her house almost as much as he is, is completely ridiculous. My kids all have some sort of resemblance to me, even the ones that look completely like there father have a little bit of me in there that folks can see. Johnny doesn't see any resemblance in this mother and son duo at all?! Though EVERYBODY all over town is going to start seeing all sorts of similarities between him and Sonny soon. Freakin' hilarious.

Dominic is awesome. Dominic calling Claudia on her bluff was great. Telling her that hey it was a win-win for him. Go head and tell Sonny that Olivia is his mother, works for him, either way the threat keeps her away from Johnny or the reveal will. Good move on his part. He rocks and he is so terribly charming with Lulu. It really makes me like her again, I mean like her as in when she first came on the show and looked just like Laura and was rocking all her scenes with her deadbeat dad, like. Yeah that's major. But alas I stopped watching for two years too so hey I got to miss some of her horrid over the top shrewness (that I read on the net).

Sam and Jason are still tolerable. Okay, I'll admit it, I am enjoying them too! I like the softer side of Jason leveling out the hitman crap. At first the whole set up with the pregnant lady in Devlin's old house collapsing, I thought was just too obviously leading us back down the "Sam lost her and Sonny's child" emotional cliff (which I tend to try to block out the fact that she was pregnant by Sonny at one time because that a). still makes me nauseous that her baby and her sister Kristina would have had the same father and b). still angers me that Jason was so willing to take in and shack and then fall in love with Sonny's floozy mistress who lived down the hall from his said wife that he cheated on at the time...breathe, breathe, breathe...haa thats me trying to calm down) but I found myself forgetting all that past crap that causes a bit of bile to rise and caught myself getting caught up in Sam's angst and Jason's attempt to comfort her. Wow, he immediately knew where Sam's mind was going, and that reminded me that he was the one who had to tell her that her baby died and he was the first one to hold her baby and was singing to her quietly, and I was a goner snotting and crying along with Sam. Anything emotional involving Jason can easily move me. I'm simple like that.

Liz/Lucky/Nik and kind of Rebecca and then Helena and Ethan. I appreciated Ethan being apologetic to Lucky at his surprise engagement party and I also liked him siding with Lucky immediately in the presence of conniving Helena, like a real brother would-hello Nikolas?! But I still loved Helena taunting Nikolas and Liz about their tawdry affair behind Lucky's back. She nailed them both (no pun intended) and it tickled me so that she was calling Liz all sorts of names and was quite right as a matter of fact. Liz is no sainted angel, like they paint her to be. I still like her but they are writing her in such a way that can make a viewer hate her IF she didnt in fact constantly admit that what she was doing to Lucky is extremely wrong and he deserves better.

LOVED Helena blatantly calling Rebecca a twit, and thoroughly enjoyed how stupid Rebecca looked and sounded trying to be cocky and claiming that Helena couldn't do anything about HER AND NIKOLAS. That was tear jerking funny. I called her an idiot right along with Helena. Poor child, is completely clueless, that no one, and apparently not even the writers, have any interest in her character any more. Nik has thoroughly moved on. To his brothers fiance, and dead soul mates best friend! Good times..ha ha ha..

I'm sorry I was disgusted at first, but now I've drunken the kool-aid that is GH, and I am now drawn into a possible Nik and Liz pairing, only because I know it will never work, and I am just looking forward to the good soapy fall outs in the interim. Once they are exposed and allowed to actually be together their will no longer be any "hot burning passion" between them. Trust me. Liz keeps saying "her and Lucky want the same things" and she's right. Nik doesn't even know where Spencer is half the time let alone care about spending time with family. Liz and Lucky are all about family and doing fun things together. So once the big betrayal reveal happens, their passion and longing will fizzle. And we will be left with good hurdles for Lucky and Liz and Nikolas to overcome (big elephant in the room!) to get back to loving each other and being close again.

Last but not least. Claudia and Sonny. Yeah, not so much. Her character is already ridiculous but having her constantly REASSURE Sonny that "she is so happy" to be his wife is downright naaaauseating. So ready for Claudia to exit stage left.

Oh, got to mention that I also enjoyed Olivia's meeting with Anthony Zacchara. She is a strong woman. What's in the water in Bensonhurst, geesh? But, my only thought during this interaction was that for a woman who wanted to keep her son away from violence and the mob ALL HIS LIFE, she is thoroughly entrenched in it now, with not the least bit of fear and or hesitation. Talk about a contradiction. Classic case of  Dante! Do as I say do and not as I do, if I ever saw one!

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