Friday, October 9, 2009

Johnny's Pain

I havent blogged about GH in over two years.. I dropped the show and just read other blogs and posts to keep myself up to date on the latest news. So I recently tuned back in say three months ago and nothing much has changed. I can say I totally missed most of the Claudia fiasco and I am so happy for that but I am intrigued with Johhny and when I left he was the new bad boy in town and introduced as Lulu's new boy toy. But now he's involved in this wonderfully surprising romance with Olivia to which now I reach my point.

She was blackmailed into dumping him and Ohhhh...My goodness..I felt his pain. I was crying and snotting for him during the gutwrenching breakup that he had to endure. Poor Johnny! When he flew at Claudia ready to (and I quote) bash her head in I was like whooaaa too much..and then he explained that Olivia was his safe place, his getaway from the filth of the mob that is his life, I am not ashamed to say I teared up even more. I think Brandon Barash rocked those scenes. He sold it to me at least. And when he went back to Olivia's door to return her key and begging to know why she would do this, telling her to trust him and just let them deal with Claudia together (smart boy that he is knew that this was his sisters doing) I ached for Olivia to tell him about Dante. Alas she did not and Johnny left broken hearted and punching walls, inflicting further his pain on himself. Hey it moved me. As you can see from this post Im still moved. I woke up this morning thinking about Johnny Zacchara, and yes I am aware its a character and it is a show. But still, on the heels of a great non-wedding last week and great karaoke fun, the return to business as usual (i.e. the fixation on the mob and Sonny) I was happy to get enthralled in a soapy breakup. Now I just pray with Sarah Brown's impending exit that the TPTB do not seriously throw Olivia in Sonny's bed, because a) that will be the death of her character completely (see..Kate Howard) and b) Sonny should not always get the girl. Let somebody else win for once and I would love for it to be Johnny Zacchara!

In case your wondering. I still love Jason. Hate the mob, hate the hitman, still love Jason though. Im a mess.. HA!

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