Thursday, August 2, 2007

Misc. Ramblings about GH and Night Shift

Good Day to you all.. Soo I've been watching GH and Nightshift and haven't had a chance to blog about it (them) in over a month but since I decided to up and quit my job, I'm pretty much available now!!! Let's get to it..

Sam and Jason have finally broken up! YEAHHHH...Uproarious celebration..I had to fast forward through the long drawn out event however and found no satisfaction in the breakup. It was horrifying listening to Sam justify all the horrific things that she had done, and no Jason is no angel, and has some fault in this mess, but Sam's mental makeup leaves me feeling disgusted. I must compare her to other notorious beloved bad girls, Maxie for example, has a slim concept that her manipulations and schemes are bad choices on her behalf and she is at least aware of her own failings. Carly who I love to hate, admits wholeheartedly to just being a selfish shrew and wanting everything her way. Even that I can stomach, and laugh at and mainly shake my head in mild annoyed amusement but Sam who blames everyone else for her behavior and choices, is just ...I've run through a gambit of desciptie adjectives with this wench and all I can say is she's use the same overused terms: sickeningly sad... I want her written off the show already...But now she's on a revenge rampage and perhaps she will be more entertaining and her Cassadine roots can be explored thereby removing her completely from the Sonny/Jason cycle.

Speaking of which, I unashamedly and wholeheartedly admit to loving Jason and all the fineness that is Steve Burton.. But even I must say, come on already to Night Shift. Why give him another show? What is the point exactly of making Night Shift which was supposed to be about the hospital and the doctors just about Jason? Are you afraid that if you extracted Jason from Sonny's butt in the daytime show and gave him his own life and a different profession (janitor??? ha ha ha!) that the Corinthos clan will collapse. Please, it has already. Move on... Geesh..That's just ridiculous... Jason and Sonny must end, they must... Let them depart as friends but that regime has run its course PTB, let it go already... Remove Jason from the parallel universe (yeah right with the same dern storylines!) of Night Shift and keep the baby daddy crap on daytime and just write a better daytime show instead of pulling Jason's same, sad, sorry existing stories into another show... How ridiculous..

And since we are on the subject of desposing the mob mess, lets talk about taking Sonny in a different direction with Kate. She is great and I enjoy him in storylines with her... They are a good watchable couple. I was not mad (disappointed though) that they rushed them into bed already, which could have been suspended for a very long time drawing us further into their relationship development, but the manner in which they had Kate to withdraw again has salvaged it (somewhat). ONLY because they are keeping Kate as a strong independent character who is not subject to Sonny's (non-existent) charms and his panty dropping dimples (eyes rolling out of my head) does their story remain interesting. So far so good but as you know they are destined to ruin it, because the writers don't seem to care to tell a good story for daytime, they want to sling junk at us and say enjoy it...oops I digress.

See, that's why I stopped blogging, I was tired of listening to myself complain.

Lulu and Logan, more junk being slung at us. There is absolutely no reason that she should be running to him, to patch him up, to talk about the Q's, to do anything. He is a hot head and has no redeemable qualities. Lulu who is a smart girl (normally) should not be drawn to him. And the overt "bad boy" technique falls flat. Maxie and Logan have more chemistry. Speaking of Maxie she rocks, talk about being redeemed. She has chemistry with ALL the young men on the show and the tables should be reversed. Though I love Lulu, the writers should go with their strengths and have all the young men chase after Maxie, have Lulu be jealous of her for once. And give Georgie a love interest already. Why does Lulu have to have 4, 5 guys chasing her down, enough already. Why must the writers do overkill on certain characters. Are they just lazy?

Carly... please, oh, please Jax come back, because she is absolutely sickening and has nothing to do when you're gone. I like Sebastian Roche (Jerry Jax/Craig James/Number 1) and I don't hate his character, but they have again crumbled up garbage, thrown it at us and told us to enjoy it. That whole water conservation scene with Carly and Jax spraying Alexis with the water hose. Huh? The murderous, hostage taking, kidapping, psychotic manipulator CARES about water conservation, because though he blows up a building he cares about the drought conditions. Get a grip already. Seriously? At one time they promised to offer an explanation for Jerry's supposed altered behavior, now it appears that they have basically said, eh who cares. Take this and like it...which makes me in essence HATE IT!! Give him a purpose and perhaps a relationship with someone other than CARLY!!!!!! I did want him with Alexis but not without him having an explanation or at least a bit of remorse for his previous actions, now it would only serve to ruin Alexis.

Sam and Carly catfight. I thought it was sad and sadly lacking. For one, Carly (#3) and Sam had a catfight at the bar over Jason a while back and that was ten times better than this mess. Laura Wright can pull off the attitude, and the snarkiness, and the classlessness of Carly, but brawling is not her thing at all. And am I to believe that she won that fight, because now Sam's arm is bandaged. Carly clearly lost to me, and she being a whole, what foot taller than Sam at that. It was a waste. They should have just blah blah blahed at each other some more, and called it a day.. Their interchanges are annoying as well for a few reasons, 1) history is completely rewritten because Sam and Carly were almost friends at one point, Sam took care of Carly when she was having the breakdown, and she helped find her kids when they were kidnapped. No they weren't bosom buddies but they were not at each others throats like this. 2) Carly ran to Jason when he was breaking up with Sam, after she had been shot by Manny (and slept with RIC !!) and told Jason not to dump her, and she ran to Sam and told Sam how to hold on to Jason, so now why is Carly spewing mess like "I've always wanted you gone?" He should of dumped you a long time ago, yadda, yadda, yadda?" That was just last year folks, can you not remember that short while back? But its all fruitless anyhow...

Absolutely absurdness: (and again I must use the word SICKENING!!!!)
Why does Sam, when in a pinch, with the police or the media, keep screeching that she will have her "MOTHER" come down here and entangle them in legal paperwork for her purposes. The mother she doesnt take the time to contact, or see, or talk to at all...that mother??? She's like Carly she uses her "family" connections only when it suits her...

Carly and Jason are not best friends...Drop it already and stop having her SAY IT in every single solitary episode already!!!! What is the dern point??? Where are you going with this??? If you are going to put them back together, fine go ahead, but knock off this best friend foolishness. Carly is a horrible friend, and basically she annoys the crap out of Jason, though he is loyal to her out of some warped sense of obligation. I think he does it because of his mob affiliations, but she's married to Jax now and Jason is moving on to Liz, enough with this mess as well..With her as a friend, he would do better being sentenced to prison for life.

Come on GH try something new, you're already in the crapper, mix it up, drop the mob mess, stop these insane cyclical ties and change things up a bit...

Night Shift:
This is going to be brief. Episode one was good, it got me, I liked it. Episode two was a horrendous attempt at dealing with race relations. It was horrid and I cringed on several occasions at their misguided efforts. The actors had to be cringing when they spouted the lines. The grandmother storyline for that nurse (lamely delivered), Dr. Ford's comments (shudder), Stan (so not believable at all-rewrite please) and Billy Dee. so fine still, at age what 120? ha ha but why is he a Janitor?? Dr. Ford has to be the only black doctor in the place..They attempted to emulate Grey's Anatomy yet do they not watch the show??? EVER??? For one race relations aren't even mentioned which I love, because that speaks more in volumes than this drivel. The nurses are hmmm... be nice..not believable I'll say. And I live Epiphany, I do she's not Chandra Wilson at all...Lovingly introduced to us as "the Nazi".

ABC what the??? Ruining one show wasnt enough huh????

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