Sunday, February 7, 2010

GH Overload-February 7, 2010

I haven't watched GH in over a month. I read up on it on various blogs (Serial Drama is the best!) but overall I've been staying away and it has been a great thing.

I was doing good and then we got hit with a blizzard, so I said hey let me catch up on whatever shows are still on the TIVO. Okay a whole months worth of GH episodes remained. That's shock one. Shock two, some of the shows rocked, I mean they were so riveting or emotion packed that I couldn't believe it was GH, I mean it wasn't just really good soap which is odd for GH, it was just really good drama! But last night I caught up...and I'm saddened to say that we are back in sonnyville worship land and I'm so heavily disappointed that I woke up, after a restless sleep, and had to blog to get this GH drama off my mind!
How sad...I'm going to stop watching again..

But before that lets talk about the entire month of January's episodes!

James Franco is gone! Thank goodness. I mean I thought he himself was very entertaining. Kind of like something shiny that catches your eye for a brief moment and then the fascination is gone. His lines were funny, his acting was cynical - in essence he seemed to play the story line like it was indeed ridiculously hilarious. I'm not gaga over Franco (he's handsome yes but he doesn't make my heart aflutter-see Steve Burton-ha) so I was just glad when he finally exited 'cause the hype was all over a "movie star" daring to grace a lowly soap with his glorious presence. Which is very demeaning to regular soap viewers and to soap actors who regularly give this swill (see raggedy writing!) their constant 100% efforts. Hey, how in the heck did I get into all that. Back to love/hate. So again glad the Franco debacle ended and it wasn't with a bang, it was really like whatev...fade out. He was Guza's personification of "I HEART JASON" out loud and on screen daily for 4-6 weeks and it was really kind of pathetic. I mean of course in comparison to the usual Jason and Sonny barely underscored LOVE and WORSHIP that we are used to seeing daily. It was extremely overt... LOL.

But let's get to what's really got my mind all frazzled. Dominic/Dante. I prefer the name Dominic for one, Dante only sounds good when Olivia says it. I just don't see him as a Dante. Now the actor/the man himself is quickly usurping Steve Burton's place in my heart and from what I see most of the GH audience absolutely loves him as well. He (Dominic Zamprogna-sp?) rocks. He is just flat out good, and to add to it he actually has chemistry with Lulu and their love/romance had an actual slow build which has been awesome to watch. His cockiness, charm and pursuit of her was great. I mean just good writing. That of course comes from a place of "sick of seeing woman FLUNG at Sonny and they have no chemistry and they hop into bed after saying hello!" And then just as quickly they are unceremoniously tossed aside after serving, what purpose, other than to give MB his quota of screen time and mattress bopping.

Ugh..I didnt want to go there already. Back to good stuff. Dominic rocks. I have no better way of saying it, juvenile as it may sound. That man, and that character has been and I'm saddened now to say, was AWESOME.

Which leads to me my current depressed state. I hate that I allowed this show to do this to me. I mean we all knew it was coming. C'mon already! But we just didn't see the anger inducing manner that they were gonna spin it, especially after building Dominic up to be so awesome and such a great cop. But C'mon seriously!!??? Sonny shoots him in the chest at point blank range and SERIOUSLY!!!!??? I don't care if he is his father... NO WAIT!! If anything that should have solidified his convictions about this man needing to serve time even more. He's horrible, TO and FOR his children and for the world in general!!! He is not a great man or a great FATHER! He only feels guilty now that he knows Dominic is his son, and yes of course, none of this is his fault, it's all Olivia's fault-  SHE could have prevented it. Seriously?!!  She could have prevented Sonny from killing and wrecking havoc, huh?

Sonny is a gangster, he without hesitation and without a bit of angst  SHOT A MAN IN THE CHEST WHO saved, hmm let's count now... HIM, HIS SON, HIS BEST FRIENDS DAUGHTER and then did countless other good deeds (like reigning in your other miserable rotten spoiled other kids!) but because he was a cop, killing him was justified!!!???? And solely because said cop is blood related, NOW Sonny is so torn.

I hate you GH writers and directors and producers!!!! Are you freaking kidding me? Again..I say... ????!!!!!?????.  This freaking show. C'mon!! Yes, it's making me see red.

Okay, let me ease my rage induced blogging by focusing back on stellar performances. The romantic build up, where Lulu and Dominic kept interacting over her family drama, and over his cop issues was great. I was drawn in, I couldnt wait to see the next episode. I smiled at their conversations and their romance had me. I was caught up. Fast forwarded through everybody elses scenes, almost, just to get back to Lulu and Dominic. Wait, let me back up...ohhh.. when Lulu was held hostage and sitting on the bomb, crying, I bawled, I mean I was bawling with a television character and I was loving every minute of it and I was rooting for Dominic to find her in the nick of time and when he did. YEAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! I mean Jason's rescue of Sam...blahhh, been there done that a thousand times. I got nothin'. I kind of agreed with Lucky (which was cruel) but hey Sam signed up for the danger, and basically she shoots craps with her life every day that she steps out the door as Jason's sidekick and doormat, so hey her being collateral damage, I'm cool with it, and its not so riveting. But Lulu screaming for help and then in the final seconds, just giving up and resigning to die was phenomenal. I wished they had of shown Lulu's face when Dominic burst threw the doors to rescue her (like we always get to see Sam's "oh Jason I knew you would find me" recognition) but showing Lucky's despair over thinking his little sister died was...oh so good too. I'm getting to Jonathan Jackson but of course he deserves his own page (or pages) praise.  Let me wrap up this incoherent rambling, and Dominic fawning with this, I absolutely loved four weeks episodes of GH and it was solely due to the storyline of Dominic/Dante/Lulu. But now we are back. Back to Sonny propping, and the mob apologist bull.

I love Diane because she's a high paid attorney and she knows her boss is a mob boss, killer, criminal, idiot. No bones about it.  How in the world are they...nope let me not even say that because we all know TPTB don't believe the viewers have any intelligence that they need to appease. So Dominic/Dante is not going to press charges, the EXACT CHARGES that would definitely get Sonny locked up for years because ...( picture me with slumped shoulders, head down, sulking away) he doesn't want it to be personal. BUT IT IS!!! HE shot you in the freaking chest. This (supposedly) has always been personal! How ridiculous is that. Remember Lt. Paletti? The cop that stepped in and helped raise you when you were a young fatherless whelp running around Bensonhurst? That was your whole motivation to pin Sonny, and now you have a SOLID TIGHT SHUT case. Shooting a cop, is (how many freaking times did they tell us?!) Murder-Special Circumstances- LIFE! Or attempted murder, since he lived. But come on. That makes no sense that Dominic would back off. Senseless back peddling and character now ruined.

And then after having Lulu run around praising Sonny for weeks, she now sees the monster he really is...Wait? Is that only because she like Carly (and Sonny) is so self centered that it only matters when he hurts someone she loves.  So now that she loves Dominic, Sonny is horrid. Before when she was pushing Dominic away, Sonny wasn't so bad in her eyes...He was a good man..Remember the weeks of that bull? (Me again, angry, rolling eyes, and sucking teeth over that crap.)  Ugh I can't do this, I'm getting dizzy over all the circles. Ohhhh, I'm so mad that I allowed this dern show to do this too me! haaaaaa

I'll move on. Jonathan Jackson has rocked also. I wish they would keep Dominic (still on him- I just cant let it go yet-ha) as a great cop and make them partners so that they can run the mob out of town. Stop laughing at me. I know I'm deluded. But Lucky finding out about Liz and Nik has been good. Liz and Nik have been bad and kind of boring though RH has been giving it her all, you just didnt see sparks between them too (no matter how much dialogue was spewing from her to claim there was all this passion-pfffbbbtt).  Again Serial Drama said it all, I can't repeat greatness sogo there to see all the good raves on Lucky and JJ.

Carly leaving Jax over Sonny and the undercover cop knowledge. Again... Seriously? Jax take her to court, get sole custody of your daughter and move on. Please. Liked seeing Lady Jane and the christening was nice. Carly being nice to everybody and saying thanks for coming out. I don't know. Though LW rocks and is so beautiful it makes you mad, I just couldn't swallow it. They write Carly with whiplash reactions so I cant invest in her being half way decent. Hey here's a moment. When Jason asked Carly to ask Sonny to leave the country and he said to her "it always comes back to me, you and Sonny" I was like that is so freaking sick, sad and depressing and true. I mean the Guza basically tells us flat out his plans and we are fools for thinking it will be any other way. INSANITY! I tell you, insanity. Carly has everything she wants and yet she packs up her kids in a second and walks out on a happy life the second Jax doesnt do EVERYTHING that she wants. She tells him just two seconds earlier that she did something that will make him mad, but hey here it is, get over it. He tells her hey I did something too that will make you mad, she packs up and rolls out.  C'MON! He's better of without the shrew, harpy. I mean I love/hate my bad girl but if you are going to rewrite her into loving mother and supposedly heroine of the show, stop making her be a dern crazy flip flopping judgmental shrew. Guza hates women I know. That is his concept of a heroine, I forget. Poor thing. More thoughts on Carly, she has no friends, Jason is not her friend, so she forgives Olivia for basically the same thing that Jax did but Jax is worse? She runs up to Dante's bed side to comfort and guide (sickening) Lulu and no anger at Dominic at all for lying to her FACE for months and for setting up Sonny for the fall but ohhhh Jax who has a newborn and the care of your RAGGEDY rotten spoiled crazed children (well just Michael, Morgan is ok thus far) is soooo wrong. Ridiculous. Again..Out of the mouth of Guza or Jason as it be.. It always comes back to Jason, Sonny and Carly..No matter how ridiculous...and horrid.

I'm spent.

Later...Oh wait..Gotta end on a high note. Dominic is still YUMMY!!! haaaa..

Southeast region - Stay safe and warm out of the blizzard!


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